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Thursday, August 16, 2007

• Line Review: Yo Zuri Hybrid

Line used:
20lb Yo Zuri Hybrid
Color: Green, Smoke
Diameter: 0.017"
12lb Yo Zuri Hybrid
Color: Green
Diameter: 0.013"


As I said in another post, I bought this line in transition from mono in an effort to find something good for baitcasting applications. Fluorocarbon was becoming more common in discussions on fishing line at the same time I was doing this research. Yo Zuri Hybrid is, from what I understand, nylon bonded with fluorocarbon and coated in a double finish of fluorocarbon. The label on the container boasts strength, low memory, knot strength, abrasion resistance, as well as sensitivity. Let's look at those claims.

I started with the 600yd spool of green 20lb test. I chose 20lb because I do get a little rough and tough out there. I rarely have anything break off when I've got 20lb test of anything tied on. Let me warn you that any time you spool this on a reel, the first bunch of casts are going to be hard to manage because the line has some memory from being on that spool in the store. Once you get a little use out of it, the line will behave. Many other anglers have noticed the same thing. This line did make a huge difference in the number of backlashes compared to monofilament after loosening up a bit. The line does have lower memory, but if you let it sit on the reel too long, it develops memory all over again. Soaking the line in warm water or letting it all out and reeling it back in out on the lake usually clears up the problem. It also develops bad memory when fishing in colder water and cold air temps are not very forgiving either. Because of the memory problems, I tend not to use plastics on the rigs spooled up with this line because slack line hangs off the rod in loops. So as for the low memory claim, it really depends.

The sensitivity isn't as good as the fluorocarbon I'll discuss in another post, but you can feel enough, unless the line is slack. Again, I would not recommend using this line with plastics. Feeling a strike is comparable to monofilament when using other lures. Just because the line is coated in fluorocarbon does not mean it acquires all the sensitivity associated with fluorocarbon. I thumb my line when I fish. I'm not the type of bass fisherman that palms his baitcaster. You may have a different take on sensitivity depending on how you hold your rod and reel. I can't tell whether or not there is any stretch. I actually need to look that up about this line. The 20lb test seems to hold its own. Topwater use has been successful so far, but I use it a lot for crankbaits and spinnerbaits and the hooksets have been solid.

The knots with 20lb test were surprisingly tight and held despite the diameter. I tend to use the palomar knot and a type of loop knot on most of my lines. Use the knot you're most comfortable tying and you shouldn't have a problem. Knots with 20lb test have held on some decent fish. The problem with assessing knot strength is that a knot is only as good as the person who tied it.

I later bought a spool of smoke colored 20lb line. I can't say whether or not the color really made a difference. I'm still skeptical about the line visibility discussions out there. I don't fish in water that is crystal clear. The lakes here are usually stained to muddy. Line visibility is generally something I do not worry about.

The 12lb Yo Zuri Hybrid was a different story.

I wanted to get a little more risky and try out a smaller diameter of Yo Zuri Hybrid, so I picked up some of the 12lb green line. I didn't have a very good experience with it. I had quite a few break offs at the knot. One could argue that the palomar knot I tied had something wrong with it. I had a bad couple of days with repeated break offs at the knot that I knew the 20lb test wouldn't have even blinked at. The 12lb backlashed a little more than the 20lb, but here's the kicker. The backlashes were harder for me to pick out. When I say harder, I mean impossible. I had anywhere from three to six loops to dig out and had a hard time getting beyond the first two. I don't know how many times I had to cut it all out and respool. My only solution was to put less line on. I put about 120 feet of line on one of my reels and it casts beautifully. I'm not sold on the idea of putting tape on to keep it from backlashing up to a point. The 12lb line is much more forgiving if you only put what you need on the spool. Excess line is trouble in the making. After I limited myself to a certain amount on the spool, problems were few and far between. Sensitivity with 12lb was better, but seemed to have a lot more stretch. With 20lb, I could hang up in hydrilla and yank free without much effort, but the same could not be said of the 12lb line.

This line has replaced the mono I've always used in my spincast reels. Mono always seemed to kink up on me inside of a spincast reel. The Yo Zuri doesn't kink up on the inside quite as often. It's definitely a smooth line for those reels and I recommend anyone using them to try some of this line.

If you're the type of person that needs a tough line that you won't have to change often, this stuff is pretty good. The 20lb stuff also took a beating from gar teeth. I could see the marks on the line near the end. I did not want to risk a break off and cut and retied at the end of the day. Considering how sharp gar teeth are, you can imagine the amount damage they can do. Yo Zuri Hybrid is a very affordable line for 600 yards worth and will hold its own against adversity.

The KVD Line and Lure conditioner balances out any unruly strands of Yo Zuri Hybrid. So if you love this line, but have trouble with it from time to time, consider buying a bottle of the line conditioner. The conditioner is especially helpful for when you first spool up a reel with this line. It's easier to manage the first few casts. Yo Zuri Hybrid is now just a back up line for me. I primarily use P-Line CXX for most of my fishing needs and PLine Halo for fluorocarbon.


anonymous said...

Have you considered braids? None of the problems with memory.

Smallmouth in clear rivers don't care about seeing line.


BassFishingDem said...

I haven't reached a point where I think I need to be using braid. I'm not ready for the braid learning curve. I fish for LM bass. I don't fish for smallies and we aren't known for having a lot of smallies down here. I've found my line of choice for the time being. It's Gamma Copolymer.

I helped you out a little with your post by reposting it using the Name/URL option instead of just "anonymous." That way, visitors can just click on your name to go to your site. Be sure to use it the next time you visit. It can also help your page rank by actually making it a live link.

Anthony Reboudo said...

I fish Florida lakes and used to use braid for everything. I started to have concerns about line visibility though and at the time was hearing alot about fluorocarbon. WOW! this stuff was too expensive to experiment with, but I did buy a few different brands. I've heard pro anglers say they change their mono and fluorocarbon line after every tournament and now i see why. This stuff was nice but did not last very long. Poor abrasion resistance, weak knots, and general line breakage. It's hard to fish confidently when those factors are in the back of your mind. Then I bought Yo-Zuri Hybrid 12lb test and one hookset after another this stuff slowly changed my mind. In fact, I've snapped rods on hooksets with it. It doesn't absorb water, get brittle, nick easily, stretch alot, the list goes on. I now use it exclusively minus a flippin' stick which still has braid.

Anonymous said...

I just found your site when i was looking for a review for Yo-Zuri line. Nice review. Dude, I think it's awesome to see another democrat in Shreveport, let alone one that's a bass fisherman.

OBAMA '08!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Good review and Line and Lure will solve the memory problems.