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Friday, September 21, 2007

• A Few Frogs Part 1: Trophy Series Scumfrog

I never used to fish with any type of frog. In fact, I believe it was only after seeing my cousin use one of those rat type lures that I even considered using a frog. It was one of those lures I knew about, but didn't want to spend the time or money on. I had to master a few other things before giving frogs a try.

For the longest time, the only type of frog I had in my arsenal was the 1/2oz Trophy Series Scumfrog. It doesn't sink, but the lure is biased towards the rear with a brass weight. It's very good at being weedless. I work it slowly, dragging it across things like duckweed, pads, and scattered hydrilla. It also gets attention when hopping it fast over shallow water. Ironically, that's how the back of the package says to use the lure.

The technique I use could probably be considered a non-standard approach because I tend to use the reel more than the rod to move the lure. By making rapid and rigid incremental movements with the reel handle, I am able to make the lure bob up and down, side to side, and even splash a little. I have also been known to use a rod technique similar to walking the dog with a zara spook with the rod pointed down using extremely fast downward 1/2 second twitches. It makes the head of the frog bob in the water very similar to how I've seen real frogs swim. A fully functioning Trophy Series Scumfrog stays afloat fairly well, but it does not rest flat on the water like some other hollow body frogs. It floats with the nose pointed up at an angle. That's just one reason why I prefer this frog over the rest.

The Trophy Series Scumfrog features Owner double hooks connected to a line tie which sticks out at the nose. The legs are made from silicone skirt material. There are only a few basic colors available, but for topwater froggin', it's probably all you need. Plain black or green are my two favorites, but the Trophy Series is available in Chartreuse, Natural Black & Green, Pumpkinseed, Watermelon Red, and White. Pumpkinseed seems to be the hardest to find in stores. The Scumfrog is made by the Southern Lure Company out of Columbus, Mississippi.

As with any topwater frog, a delay is necessary when making the hookset. The traditional 2 second count before setting the hook hasn't been all that necessary with the Scumfrog, but that's not to say you shouldn't bother counting. A second to a second and a half seems to be good enough. I'd rather lose a fish than hook a good one too deep. Sometimes one hook gets better penetration than the other, but once you hook into something, it's going to be difficult to lose that fish.

My first Scumfrog bass was around 2lbs. I have caught many around 3lbs, but the best has been a solid 6lb fish and behind that, a 4 1/2. Bass in the 2-3.5lb range are fun to catch, especially on topwater. I've even caught several warmouth on one. How it fit in that little guy's mouth is a mystery, but it sure was a mouthful.

Any problems?
I have read complaints about the Scumfrog taking on water towards the back and "taking a piss" when lifting it out of the water. I have never had that problem with the Trophy Series Scumfrog unless the nose suffers considerable damage. A waterproof adhesive is ideal for fixing any problem areas. The button that closes up the back of the lure must take a beating because it broke off somewhere out there among the cypress trees. I sealed it with some melted plastic, but that did not last more than a couple of weeks. The 3/8 inch eyes are glued on and sometimes they can fall off. The leg skirts sometimes slip to the left or right. One skirt has already been lost. The hooks can slide forward and embed into the body. Whether or not that interferes with a hook set is anyone's guess. I have a bad feeling it can.

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Vince said...

have you tried the scum frog big foot?

BassFishingDem said...

I haven't. I never liked the idea. I use the scumfrog for certain conditions and prefer the skirt material.

Anonymous said...

I've been fishing the scumfrog now for probably 15 years and I swear by it. I caught the biggest bass I have caught to date (just north of 7 lbs, and in California!) on an original chartreuse scumfrog. I've fished them in Michigan and all over California and I consistently catch nice fish (3 lbs+). I would definitely recommend the two second wait time though, as I've nearly lost my ear enough times where now I know the rhythm of the fish on this lure. If anything, stick with chartreuse, occasionally pumpkin seed or dark green, and I'll catch a dogfish in MI every now and again when I throw on the white.

Anonymous said...

I fished the scum frog in a pond in Durham NC.... The Bass hit the frog and I did not have a chance to set the lure, I assume that I had a bad piece of fishing line because the bass got away with the lure. I highly recommend this lure.