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Sunday, September 16, 2007

• Review: Some Lake Fork Plastics

I have only used three Lake Fork Tackle products. The first was the 4" Lake Fork Craw. The second was their 6" Top Dog Lizard. The third was the 3 1/2" Pig Claw jig trailer.

The first thing you'll notice about Lake Fork plastics is the smell. Once you open the package, it's hard to get the smell of garlic out of your nose. They are also impregnated with salt. The consistency of the plastic is comparable to other major brands and has proven to be fairly durable. They have a decent selection when it comes to lures now, so it's worth giving them a try. Only certain stores sell Lake Fork products where I live, so if you can't find anything near you, take a look online.

Lake Fork Craw:

The 4" Lake Fork Craw is the best craw I've used to date. It has a natural look to it, but whether or not that matters to a bass is a toss up. They come in packs of eight. It's really easy to T-rig and will work great on a Carolina rig too. It has a large air pocket towards the head with an opening at the front. I don't quite understand their ad which states the ringed tail section releases air bubbles to create a breathing action. I've never seen these air bubbles. If you read my Kick n Bass review, you'll also know that I have been known to stink up a piece of cotton and slide it down into that pocket at the front. A T-rigged hook will keep it in place most of the time. The web site also suggests nicking the tail end to give the lure a bend and life like crawfish action. I have yet to try that. I have never fished it with an exposed hook either. I've caught bass dragging this on the bottom through hydrilla and surprisingly on the drop fishing cypress trees. I noticed you can use it as a jig trailer, expecially if you cut it short because when you slide it on the hook, it can appear like a crawfish in a defensive stance.

Colors: crawfish, black neon, red bug, june bug, green pumpkin, watermelon candy, watermelon seed, watermelon seed/red flake, blue bruiser (black & blue), sour grape, watermelon seed/chartreuse pepper, and red shad/green flake

Lake Fork Top Dog Lizard

After relying heavily on the Zoom lizard for so long, I decided to expand my horizons by buying some Lake Fork lizards. I don't really like them. They are lighter, so I can't cast them as far. The neck is also much more narrow, so it tears up a lot quicker. The action is about the same. I add a little bit of weight with a split shot or bullet weight. I have yet to catch anything on one. I used the black & blue flake with a blue tail.

Colors: white, watermelon seed/chartreuse tail, black neon/chartreuse tail, black blue flake/blue tail, red shad/green flake, watermelon seed/red flake, watermelon seed, chartreuse pepper

Lake Fork 3 1/2" Pig Claw

One pack comes with five chunks. I like these jig trailers. The arms float really well and they are scented with garlic of course. They hold up well and add just the right amount of bulk to a jig. The body isn't as bulky as say a Zoom chunk. These things have a slim profile and are worth taking a look at. Lake Fork Tackle also makes a 2 1/2" Pig Claw. They have enough colors to match up with most of your jigs. If yours should tear along the hook, patch it using plastic from a damaged Zoom Horny Toad if you have one. For some reason, the Horny Toad plastic works great for patching up plastics.

Colors: black neon/chartreuse pepper claw, blueberry, killer craw (looks like pumpkin with black, gold, red, and green flakes), watermelon seed, green pumpkin, black neon, sapphire blue, white, watermelon seed/chartreuse pepper claw, plum, black blue flake/blue claw, texas smoke, crawfish


Lake Fork 4" Craw Tube
I recently purchased a pack of 4" Craw Tubes in black neon. They seem to have more body bulk and have more appendages which I thought would provide more action. They don't. If you cross a tube with a craw, this is what you'll get. They have hollow bodies. I've rigged the Craw Tube a number of ways. When T-rigged, the lure has a tendency to rise and float. It works better when weighted, so you can either C-rig it, T-rig with a bullet weight or split shot, rig with a Jobee Pro Hook, or use them as a jig trailer. I've actually caught a small bass swimming this lure just under the surface. Certainly an interesting way to use something called a Craw Tube, isn't it?

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