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Sunday, September 23, 2007

• Shimano Core 100MG Commentary

This is not meant to be a review. This is just a discussion on the Shimano Core.

I'm a little late to the party on this one, but I'll give you much of the need to know info on this reel. I take it enough people convinced Shimano that their reels were getting a little heavy. Shimano is introducing a light magnesium frame baitcasting reel called the Shimano Core. For $349 and $379, I'm not sure a 4+1 bearing reel is all that tempting, even if it does only weigh 6.1oz. I'm reading that it comes in a 6.2:1 and a 7.0:1 gear ratio, but I've only seen the 6.2:1 model in stores. The high speed version with the flipping switch weighs 6.7oz. The frame and sideplates are magnesium and the spool and drive gear is made of Magnumlite A7075 aluminium. The handle shank is drilled and aluminum to take off some additional weight. The drag only handles 11lbs. What people are really talking a lot about on other sites is the high efficiency gearing, so the power must be there. I will say I'm glad it has a click drag. I'm not sure I like the smooth sideplate design. The Instagage II does intrigue me somewhat in that you can engage and disengage the clutch using only your thumb without turning the handle (flipping switch model only). The line capacity isn't all that great in my opinion. 10lb line fills up 110 yards and 12lb line fills 90 yards, although it sounds like you'll get more room to dig in around the spool to work out a backlash. The Core100MG reportedly pulls in 26 inches of line per turn and the Core100MGFV pulls in 30 inches.

What are your thoughts?

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(EDIT 10/11/2007 & 12/28/2007)
I got my hands on one today. It's light, but the Chronarch MG is a hair lighter (barely noticeable) and about $100 cheaper. I'm still not sure what is so great about the Core to make it worth paying more money. I tried to investigate this Instagage II business, but the store only had the Core100MG. After having a look at the manual inside the box, the clerks at the counter still couldn't explain Instagage. The reel looks nice, but I want to know what justifies paying that much. I've read a few people are trading in their Core for something heavier simply because they've grown accustomed to using heavier reels. I guess it feels too light for them. The high efficiency gearing is also getting a lot of attention. If you have the money to spend and you're a die hard Shimano person, you're probably very interested in this reel. I'm not convinced yet. If you like the Core, but don't like the price tag and don't need high speed, what's stopping you from buying the Chronarch MG instead?

Edit March 2009
Shimano had a booth at the Bassmaster Classic here in Shreveport and both models were on display. I finally got to see what Instagage was. The mechanism rests on either side of the spool on the frame of the reel and with the slightest flip of your thumb, you can engage the reel. It's ideal for flipping when the bite is quick on the fall. No time is wasted trying to engage the reel with the crank handle. Now as fantastic as that sounds, I have to mention one concern I had. Since the Instagage clutch is located so close to the spool, anyone who has learned to thumb the spool during a cast *might* accidentally bump the switch. It's a remote possibility, but something to keep in mind. People who are flipping or pitching fanatics will love that feature.


Anonymous said...

Your site is interesting. Here is my 2 cents. If have fished with baitcasters for a while you can tell the difference pretty clearly. The smoother and lighter they are the more you can fish them comfortably. Smoothness comes from tighter tolerances and better and more bearings. But bearings aren't everything. I own too many reels.

Personaly I think the best bang for buck reels out there are the Abu Garcia Revo reels. The Revo SX and Cabela's only SC probably being the best values in line up. I have an SC and a Premier.

That's just my opinion. Cost no object I'd get a Diawa Steez and it's on my short list. I've cast it and it's amazingly light and if you are good at casting you can really get your bait out there.

Just my opinions. :)


HellaBass said...

I have held both Cores @ Cabela's, & I pretty much have to have at least one before spring. The biggest difference is that the core for its size is much lighter and has higher line capacity then thenthe 50mg.

rodbender said...

the reel is nice but has some internal problems the red dial that holds the spool bearings will back off and cause a major birdnest. Id ahte to hear another angler cuse a 400$ reel the way i did and then threaten to through it in the drink,so please remimber to tighten that red dial every time you take it out the rod box!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KEEP IT WET!