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Sunday, October 14, 2007

• P-Line Halo Review


P-Line Halo is a new blend of fluorocarbon designed for all purposes providing a combination of strength, sensitivity, and castability, or at least that's what it says on the box. It comes in a Mist Green color. Halo is available in 200yd spools of 4lb to 20lb test and 2000yd spools in bulk from 2lb to 20lb test. I purchased 200yd of 12lb test line for $19.99. After my frustration with Gamma Edge, I decided to try something new. I have also recently purchased Halo in 10lb and 15lb test mainly because nobody around here had 12lb in stock. I originally wrote my first impressions in October of 2007, but I have made multiple edits since then and finally decided to rewrite the whole thing as a review.

I have been using P-Line Halo since October of 2007. This revision is being written in August of 2008. That's been enough time to get a good feel for the line. Initially every line I use feels pretty good, but as time goes by things change drastically in one direction. I've had this line spooled on my Prolite almost exclusively. I use Halo on this particular rig to throw plastics even though I do also use that rod and reel for many other light lures. What jumped out at me first, after the mist green color of course, was the line diameter. A diameter of 0.29 (12#), 0.28 (10#), and 0.35 (15#) was slightly smaller than most other lines of similar strength and I could tell the difference when I spooled it on my reel. It seemed to spool okay and practice casts felt smooth. So did Gamma Edge when I first tried it. I have not tried Halo for leader material yet and I do not put backing on when I spool this fluorocarbon. I want to start using it when I fish with jigs, but I also use that reel for some topwater baits. Since fluorocarbon tends to sink, I would be less inclined to use it on that reel for that reason.

Strength, Durability, Knots, & Stretch:
The line finally had a break off after a couple of months of being spooled and not changed. I hadn't changed it on purpose to find out how long the line would last. It snapped towards the end of fishing one evening when I lobbed a lure a little too far into a cypress limb. When I tried to yank it free, it snapped. I'm not sure if that speaks to the abrasion resistance or if it was a weak spot where I had backlashed in the past. The break happened about 15 feet or so back from the knot. That's been my problem with other brands of fluorocarbon. These breaks don't happen at the knot. They happen somewhere in the middle usually where there was a kink. Since then, I have yet to experience a break off. I'm not just saying that. After working Halo through the hydrilla, I would say it feels strong almost like I'm working a copolymer or monofilament. I'm impressed with the strength in this regard. The hook sets have been solid and there isn't much stretch. I know the TackleTour fluorocarbon shoot out debunked the no stretch claims, but we care about real world experiences too, right? Knots are easy to tie even when the stuff is dry. That's an impressive quality to pay attention to. Typically you have to moisten the knot with fluorocarbon, but all of my knots have held up well. I can cinch a knot down really snug. Abrasion resistance is great so far, although questions still remain. The 10# and 12# don't have quite the same abrasion resistance as 15#. I mainly fish around cypress trees on the local lakes, so I don't rough the line up as much as you might. I have run it up against tree bark and limbs and it will come back without a scratch, or at least no damage that is discernible by touch or sight. I am impressed with its durability. I am able to keep the line spooled on over long periods of time whereas many other fluorocarbon lines require more frequent changes. Again, I spool Halo directly on my reel without any backing. Even though Halo isn't cheap, it will last a relatively long time.

At first, I didn't think Halo was very sensitive. This line was not as sensitive as Gamma Edge seemed to be. Gamma Edge is my reference point with regard to fluorocarbon sensitivity. I've caught enough fish now with Halo and although it's not super sensitive like one would expect fluorocarbon to be, it's more sensitive than copolymer and monofilament lines. It really does feel a little like mono or copolymer on a strike, but I can feel weeds and stick ups when bumping around on the bottom. I can also feel hits on plastics on the fall really well. I bought the 10lb line to see if the sensitivity would improve. I also went the other direction with 15lb Halo. I've heard sensitivity is better with the larger diameter fluorocarbon and with the short time I've been using 15lb Halo, I'd have to agree. I can feel a spinnerbait blade turning and I couldn't get quite the same level of sensitivity with either the 10 or 12lb.

Casting & Memory:
I usually hold off on using KVD Line conditioner on it because Halo does okay on its own without any help. It's relatively tame line on a baitcaster. One trip out was a very windy day and even though this line would occasionally start coming off the spool too fast, it was very easy to control and prevent backlashes without even thumbing. I did have to pick out a couple of nests though. Not bad for throwing a 1/8oz spinnerbait into 10-15mph wind. The line still casts well and I haven't had very many backlash problems. I have had one horrible backlash that I was unable to pick out, but it was all my fault. I made the mistake of casting over some tall weeds. The lure tipped something and sent the spool into a backlash. I had to strip line and respool. I have yet to notice any major memory issues either. In the cases where I experienced memory issues with P-Line Halo, the line had been on the reel for a long time. It remained very castable the entire time despite developing slight memory.

Line Visibility:
The lakes I fish are not very clear, so I don't worry too much about visibility. Halo seems to disappear better than the other lines I use, but I'll have to spend some time on this one before having my final say. By comparison, Halo is less visible than Gamma Copolymer which is surprisingly less visible than Trilene 100% FC.

Fluorocarbon is supposed to sink faster than many other lines. I have used Halo with a few crankbaits and did not notice any dramatic differences in swimming depth. I do feel that I am able to keep soft plastics closer to the bottom. I throw 1/8oz spinnerbaits with the rig I have Halo spooled on and found they swim a little deeper, but not significant enough in my opinion.

As it stands right now, P-Line Halo is my fluorocarbon of choice until I put something else to the test. You get some sensitivity and some strength all in a small diameter quality line. If you don't like Halo, I suggest spending more time with it. Fluorocarbon is a different animal than other lines. If you jump into using fluoro expecting the wrong things, you're going to have a bad experience. I'm loving the stuff.

If you use a spinning reel, your experience may not be as enjoyable. Before building up high expectations when used on a spinning reel, you need to understand and accept the fact that fluorocarbon has a steeper learning curve when used on spinning reels.

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Anonymous said...

I just spooled up my new Revo with the 12 lb Halo on whim. Hopefully I'll fish it this weekend if the weather isn't too bad out here. Nice review.


Anonymous said...

I used 6lb Halo on a 2500 shimano symetre. I've used it twice so far. The one thing I can say about this line is that I spent way to much time either cleaning up snags or trying to keep it from snagging. I am by no means a pro fisherman, but when I was spending so much time nursing this line, I realized I wasn't paying attention to "fishing". I was paying more attention to the line than anything else. I didn't catch any fish nor did I get any strikes of any type. I am not sure if it was the line or that I wasn't able to pay attention to my fishing. I was not impressed by this line at all, as I am comparring it to both fc sniper #7 and Vanish #6, #8. When I was able to cast, I felt I had no control due to having to baby this line. When I did get this line successfully into the water, it had major memory. I will not spend money on this product any more.


BassFishingDem said...

The Symetre is a spinning reel, not a baitcaster. I'm not surprised you had problems. Remember, this is fluorocarbon. There is a steeper learning curve when trying fluorocarbon on a spinning reel. You're going to have to nurse it a little until you get used to the new kind of line. I'm a baitcaster person and Halo is excellent line in that setting. No snags, no difficult backlashes, if any at all, and it's very easy to control.