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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

• Renegade Twirl Tail Worms

The Renegade Worm is one of my favorite little worms to catch bass with, although I have not been using it as much lately. When I think about the simple plastic worm, this is the image that pops into my head. They come in a few different colors and sizes. I use the 6" black/pink twirl tail worms and the 4" electric blue twirl tail worms. I usually don't see other colors, but I believe they also make them in motor oil, tequila sunrise, and green pumpkin. They also make 6" worms in electric blue. There are even plastic boxes full of these worms in different colors if you're lucky enough to find them. There are two blurbs on the back of the package explaining Texas rigging and Carolina rigging.

The Renegade worm serves several purposes in my arsenal. When fishing this worm, I Texas rig it with a small split shot a few inches up the line and retrieve it with small short bounces. Hook size depends on personal preference, but I stick with 1/0 to 3/0. The strike tends to come during the initial drop or as soon as I start bringing it in. I also use these worms as trailers for my buzzbaits and spinnerbaits. I trim them about three inches above the tail. I think the Renegade worms could do some damage on a small shakey head jig.

These worms are small, relatively speaking, so adding anything to help them sink might be a good idea. That's why I tend to rig them with a split shot, but a bullet weight suits these worms well too. Rigged weightless, run one across or just under the surface of the water or even over the thick stuff, letting it fall into any gaps along the way.

These worms hold up fairly well. Keep these handy when you think you need to downsize from something larger if the bass are being picky eaters.

Pictured below are the 6" black/pink, the 4" motor oil, and 4" electric blue twirl tail worms.

Since this is such a hot topic, I started a thread dedicated to discussing these worms, why they are disappearing, where you might be able to find them, and what alternatives exist.


Anonymous said...

these worms are my favorite too, i got the 6" green pumpkin, and 4" motor oil worms. The fish absolutely inhale em.

Anonymous said...

i love the tequila sunrise 6in. but they dont seem to be as good now that manns sold them to luck e strike

Anonymous said...

I enjoy these worms too. I bought a pack of the black/pink tailed 6 inchers at walmart to appease my toddler son. He loves playing with fishin' worms. I didn't think that they would be any good for under 2 bucks a pack. To my surpise, rigged on a 2/0 owner EQG worm hook with a keeper, they do catch bass. I fish them weightless in shallow waters. These worms are tough and take a beating. While I still like my more expensive zoom's an yammamotos, these are good in a pinch when you need to downsize a bit.

Anonymous said...

We live on one of the finger lakes in new york. we are retired and fish many hours. we catch many large mouth bass and walleye.So far this yea our largest bass was 21 3/4 inchesand the larget walleye was 25 3/4 inches. we release all the bas and have many fine meals with the keeper walleyes. our bait of choice is the 4" motor oil renegade worm on an 1/8 ounce jig. we cast this to the edge of the weedbeds and retrieve slowly. last year my wife and i boated 2600 bass and 115 walleye. we feel that we live in a little corner of heaven

Anonymous said...

I have been using the 4" twirltail rigged on a 1/4 or 1/8 oz. lead head jig for years.

This combo has consistently outfished live leeches on Lake of The Woods, Ontario both spring and fall. I usually clip the front 1" before rigging.

Tequila Sunrise and Motor Oil seem to be the best.

Mikaela said...

wow. Where did you find these worms? underground?

Anonymous said...

I also am a Bass fisherman. I fish the tanks in the pastures. I have 8 tanks in 2 different counties that I take care of for various land owners here in Texas and the very best worm I have ever used is the Renegade 6" twirltail electric blue, with a 3/8 oz bullet hand painted black with yellow eyes w/a tiny black speck in the center of the yellow that my dad and I have been building for 20+ years. Where can I find them again? Help Please...

BassFishingDem said...

Re: Where to find these worms

Walmart is where I get mine. The electric blue and black/pink tail colors are by far the easiest to find. It is much more difficult to find the motor oil, tequila sunrise, and green pumpkin colors. Some stores only carry the 6" electric blue and not the 4-inch version and in other stores, you'll discover the exact opposite.

I have not been out to buy any recently. Has Walmart taken these beauties off their shelves in many areas?

Lane from Texas said...


Yes Walmart no longer carrys the Electric blue
at my location. The Renegade package say they are manufactured by Luck "E" Strike U.S.A. in Casssvile MO but have had any luck there either. Thank for your RE.

Lane from Texas

BassFishingDem said...

I just checked the fishing section at a Walmart in town. They still had Renegade worms on the rack in a few colors. There was one pack left in electric blue. Motor oil, tequila sunrise, and purple were there as well. I did not see any of the black/pink tail.

Lane from Texas said...

Well guy's, the heck with the "Renegade" worms as far as "Tankbass" goes. I found the "Berkley Power Bait" Electric Grape will get the job done. It's a 7" worm with a more sprial tail, but I murdered them in Murray Tx this last weekend with it. Same "Texas" rig and 3/8 oz hand painted weight. "Forty" bass, yes 40 all caught and released, average size 16". One went 4.5 lbs. This is what I live for!

Lane from Texas

Anonymous said...

both renegades and power baits work real good. i dont know what it is but the renegade worms smell like fruit. maybe bass like it or sumthin. the power bait smells bad but works amazing.