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Thursday, October 4, 2007

• Review: Plano 7771 Tackle Box

I'm going to give a quick review of the Plano 7771 Tackle Box. I ran out of room in my old box and the latch broke, so I definitely needed to upgrade. I searched all over town and couldn't find anything that I liked. I went to BPS and came across the 777 and liked it, but then saw the 7771 and liked that one more. Instead of two divider stow aways, the 7771 comes with four 3771 trays in addition to a 3504 spinnerbait/worm box, bait racks, and three 2-3500 smaller stow aways. If you're going to buy a tackle box, do it in person and open up everything. Get a feel for what you're buying.

I figured it would be enough to hold all of my gear. I needed something wide enough to hold tools and weigh scale. I needed a spinnerbait or buzzbait rack. I needed quick access and solid organization. The 7771 did that for me. In fact, I filled it up pretty well. The thing weighs about 30lbs now that I have found spots for everything.

The top access storage is something I like in any tackle box. It makes favorite lures easy to find. Keep in mind this tackle box was not meant to be a seat. I used it to sit on in the small boat and now I have cracks in the plastic lid on top. There are dividers for the top compartment. A top access on the far right is available for quick access to the spinnerbait rack. These individual racks are inserts, so if you don't want to use them, you don't have to. You can use that space for other things. One caveat to mention is make sure the see through lid closes tightly because I've had it fall open on occasion and lures go everywhere. If you set the box out in the sun, everything in the top will heat up a lot. Plastics will melt or at least get very mushy and fade. Anything and everything metal will potentially burn your hand if you're not careful out in 90 degree weather. Make sure to cover it with a towel or something to keep everything out of the sun. It's a big box and boat storage space usually isn't very forgiving.

The next level down is for storage and access to the spinnerbait racks as well as the three 2-3500 stow aways. I was able to put my 3 stow aways, a few pliers, a wrench, spools of line, my scale, and other small tools in this compartment. I put my lure retrieval magnet and one spinnerbait rack in the compartment on the right. Even metal in here can get hot in the summer sun and burn your hands when you grab it. Something to keep in mind when filling this compartment is to place taller objects towards the center as there are plastic parts in the lid that will come down on top. Closing the lid may be a problem if you don't arrange things just right. I've actually trimmed a couple of the tabs at the front with a pair of pliers so they don't hit anything.

The 3771 stow aways are underneath and are easy to get to. Just open the drop down door and slide them out. The individual stow aways have enough room for most things and enough dividers are included so that you can manage cramming anything you want into the box. There are even diagonal dividers to provide some variability. I have filled all of mine up to the point where buying new plastics means using up what I already have first before there is room. With four stow aways, you should have everything you need. Since the stow aways are not connected inside to the box, you can have a set of stow aways for any time of year or any type of situation that you can swap in and out on a whim, so what you take with you is only a limit of your imagination provided you purchase extra 3771 stow aways. I highly recommend buying a couple more, especially if you have a lot of plastics.

The final compartment is located at the bottom right. The 3504 spinnerbait box slides in here. You can use it for spinnerbaits and buzzbaits using the racks or you can take out the racks and put anything else in the box that you want. I put spare bobbers and hooks in this box too. Also note that larger buzzbaits will not fit in here.

The handle is also comfortable. There is some grip to it and the plastic is not sharp enough to cut into your hand at all. Lugging 30lbs in this box is still somewhat of a chore, but the handle seems to be holding up pretty well.

What else do you want me to cover?

YouTube Video


Anonymous said...

This seems like a very nice tackle box. My current box is slam packed so I might have to look into this one.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Thank you SO MUCH for this review and the youtube video. I was looking at in on Amazon (no BPS near me) and they had only a pic of the outside, which really sucks. After reading your review and others, I will probably purchase this box. Awesome job!
P.S. LOVE your website-As a female angler from NW Wisconsin, I am used to a lot of Conservative right-wing garbage myself, so it is good to know there are others out there who are tired of it all, as we can love the outdoors and fishing AND still be left wing and progressively minded (or just leave politics and religion out of it totally). Applause for you. Happy fishing!