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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

• The Zara Spook

When talking topwater lures for bass, one that rarely comes up is the Zara Spook. Some anglers consider this bait a big bass lure. You can work it in open water or along docks. It really does have a lot more versatility than one would expect. After reading my thoughts, maybe you'll be throwing one more often.

Typically when one talks about the Zara Spook, walking the dog always comes up, so that's where I will begin. Imagine the lure swaying back in forth in the water like the head of a snake as it swims. That's the action you are trying to achieve when walking the dog. You do so by repeatedly jerking the rod quickly, allowing slack line in between each snap. I've learned to do this technique with my rod pointed down raising the tip up a little to take up slack and jerk back down again. Sometimes it works better with the rod at your side rather than directly in front of you. Some hold off on twitching until the lure starts to turn back towards center. That takes a lot of concentration and involves paying very close attention to the nose of the lure. Some just twitch with consistent timing to make the technique simple. Work this lure parallel to a dock and you've got yourself a potential killer. Now, you could wait to feel the fish and then set the hook or just set the hook on the strike. Either way works, although most of the time, people will tell you to wait until you feel the fish much like one would set the hook with a frog type lure. Instead of walking the dog, you could simply retrieve it with repeated jerks and twitches however you like or you could swim it back steadily.

Zara Spooks are one of the many lures that anglers love to modify. Some swap out the hooks, although you'll have to take apart a few more things than you would with other lures to do this. On my Zara Spook, it looks as though all you need is a regular flat screwdriver and a hook with a large enough eye to slip around the bracket. Each bracket is attached with two screws. Adding split rings to the hooks is another mod. My experience with split rings is actually different from that of others. Split rings do in fact change the action of your lure, but it seems many anglers feel a split ring does not change it for the better. A split ring at the nose makes walking the dog much easier for me and is the only modification I make.

Have I caught anything with a Zara Spook? If my memory serves me correct, no I have not. I need to put a lot more time into actually using this lure. I've got the technique down, but I never throw the darn thing. I'm writing this post in part to nudge myself into trying this lure more often.

What are your experiences with the Zara Spook? Post your comments.

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JM Ridlon said...

I have never had any luck on this lure. I find if I sand the lower lip of a pop-r and use a short soft pistol grip, I can "walk the dog" with this lure to much better ends.

Anonymous said...

This is the first bait i throw almost everytime i go fishing, either fresh or saltwater. As the article says, work this bait parallel to a dock or growth in the water and its a killer, but dont try to set the hook too soon, you'll regret it.

Basspastor said...

The Spooks I use are not made by Heddon but some lure companies name I have forgotten. I picked up a bunch of them on clearance at a local Bass tackle shop. They came with better hooks than a Spook has and have loud rattles.

Other walk the dog baits you might wanna consider are the Heddon Spit'n Image, Lucky Craft Sammy, and the Spro Dawg (like a Sammy but half the price).

I use these baits at prime times: morning, sunset, and overcast days. I will also use the big Spook Imatations when there is some chop on the water.

Anonymous said...

I find the spook a really exciting topwater bait to use. I've had more luck with it than buzzbaits or poppers. If you don't have a split ring to put on it, you can tie a loop knot which will work just about as well. Sometimes the bass will just bump it and not take the bait, but that's way more exciting (I always end up shaking my fist and cursing the fish in excitement) than a missed strike that you'd never see with other lures.
It does get hung up pretty easily if the weeds are on the surface, but all in all, it's worth five bucks. It'll draw a strike from the aggressive big boys.

Anonymous said...

JIM153 OUT!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

original spook = buckett mouth !!

Anonymous said...

best speckled trout lure in charlott harbor except gulp shrimp. silver mullet is all that works.