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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

• Cross Lake Contour Map

Cross Lake. is an approximately 8500 acre lake located in Shreveport, Louisiana. The contour image below was recorded in 1996 and while I'm sure some things have changed, the relative underwater trends have not. Click the image to see slightly larger picture or download the available PDF. This should give everyone a good understanding of what I'm working with when I post fishing reports.

Taken from http://la.water.usgs.gov/pdfs/crosslake.pdf

There really is no good reason to need a topo map for Cross Lake. There are no drop offs, ledges, humps, major road beds, or channels. In fact, the only unique contours that come to mind are located back in a few of the narrow bayous. Everything else is basically flat, aside from a few duck blinds scattered here and there. The lake gradually slopes downward from 3-5 feet on the west end to 14-15 feet in the middle and back up again on the east end. All you need is a depth finder and a basic map of the lake. Most people fish in 2-6 feet of water anyway. The entire edge of the lake is comprised of cypress trees and boat docks. In the spring and summer, hydrilla and lily pads take over. It's a tough lake, but a topo map will probably not give you any advantage.

If you really think I'm nuts, read this article from 2006.

I have dedicated some time to finding out the names of many places on Cross Lake and put it all onto one map. The list is not complete, but it includes almost everything available on the net I could find related to maps of Cross Lake. It does not include topography and probably never will. Download the map and have a look at it. Let me know if anything is incorrect. If you have information to add, let me know by posting a comment at the bottom of this post. As someone who is not originally from the area, I welcome any additional information you feel like sharing about this lake.

Thanks and enjoy!
CrossMap-1-19.jpg (1338k)

Satellite Version
CrossMap-1-19 satellite.jpg (797k)


Interactive Cross Lake Map on Google Maps
Cross Lake Hot Spots
(click the link, not the image)

On this map:
Shettleworth Bayou, Pawpaw Bayou, Pawpaw entrance, Marshall Pocket, Pine Island, Twin Islands, Gum Island, Piney Bayou, Fourtney Bayou, Richard Fleming Park, 40-8, 40-8 entrance, "Margaritaville," Perch Point, Bird Islands, Ark-la-tex Landing, Barron's Landing, Moss Point, Squirrel Point, Mallard Bay, Wiggens Arm, Johnson's Arm, Ben Roberts Pocket, Buzzard Island, Municipal Pier/Shreveport Lake Patrol Office, Hick's Pocket, Lakeview, Willow Point, Gar Pocket, Spillway, Melvin's Landing, Jayne Marie's (Formerly Cross Lake Inn), Cross Bayou, and the Inflow from 12 Mile Bayou.

Need to add:
Brewster's & Page Landing
Location of duck blinds

Added 2-10-09
Logan Bayou, Clark Pocket, Cottons Pocket, Bickham Bayou, Page Bayou, and Choctaw Bayou

Added 5-21-2009
Page Landing (41), located in the south west end off of South Lakeshore Drive near the 40-8 area.

Revised 1-19-2010
Correct location of Marshall Pocket has been clarified and the map has been adjusted accordingly.

Upcoming additions:
I hope to map what I can of Pawpaw Bayou, marking the channel with a clear line representing the twists and turns heading south into the trees.
I can do this with Google Maps, so I'm working on a Hot Spots version of the interactive map.

Some landmark explanations:
Many lake landmarks have earned their names based on neighborhoods, signs on piers, signs in yards, or local organizations. When anglers fish a body of water, quite often, all we have to go on in identifying an area are the visual landmarks. Nicknames are much more common on the Red River. You will rarely find these nicknames on any official lake map or inside your GPS unit.

One of the more common landmarks mentioned when fishing on Cross lake would have to be the twin bridges. Two bridges passing over water on North Lakeshore drive are in close proximity to each other. In that regard, they are considered twins. The 40 & 8 area is a hot spot on the west end dominated by cypress trees. I suspect the area is named after the 40 and 8 veterans organization. Mallard Bay, Perch Point, Lakeview, and Squirrel Point are all names of small housing developments. Places like Margaritaville and Gamecocks are named for signs. The Margaritaville sign used to hang on a boathouse way back in the northwest corner of the lake. On your way into Pawpaw Bayou, there is a house with a South Carolina Gamecocks sign out front. When the egrets come in to roost, you'll soon see why certain islands have names like Bird Island. Brewster's is the name of an old boat launch gone by the wayside located near the Mallard Bay area. There are several bayous and pockets along the outside edges of Cross Lake. I'm not familiar with where certain names came from, but as you can see from the map, last names are pretty common.

When asked, many area anglers haven't a clue where many of these landmarks are located. Well, some don't. Others prefer to keep a tight lip on their honey holes. The last thing they want are more boats fishing already heavily pressured spots.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the map. I had been wondering where Pawpaw Bayou was and this clears it up Thanks again.