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Friday, November 23, 2007

• Terminator T1 Spinnerbait Review

I'm finally going to give my review of the Terminator T1 spinnerbait. I have had my eye on Terminator spinnerbaits for a long time now. I have read very good things online about Terminators. The price has always been a little on the steep side for me. Losing a $7-$9 lure is not my idea of fun and I'm sure many other anglers share my apprehension. In one of my many visits to Academy, I discovered T1 spinnerbaits on clearance for $4.88. Since that day, I've caught some nice fish and I ended up buying a few more T1's. Now I have two 1/2oz in fire tiger and one 1/2oz in chartreuse with an extra green/chartreuse skirt.

Terminator spinnerbaits are considered premium spinnerbaits. What's premium about them? The wire is made of titanium. The skirts are easily interchangeable and are good in quality. Terminators run true without any adjustment out of the package. The hooks are Mustad ultra points and the blades are 24 karat gold and nickel plated.

The T1 appears to be one of the more inexpensive choices. The available colors are somewhat limited in my opinion, but all your favorites are probably there. My three T1's have double willow blades in gold and silver. The T1 is available in 1/4oz, 3/8oz, and 1/2oz sizes. Again, I'm reviewing the 1/2oz version.

Casting a 1/2 spinnerbait is always an easy thing to do. I'm not going to sit here and say it flies through the air any better than other 1/2oz lures. Too many variables come into play with casting anyway. I do use snap swivels with my spinnerbaits and they do slip down on occasion so that the spinnerbait doesn't run right.

The T1 does run true more often than not. I am more than satisfied with its performance than other lures. Those blades start turning as soon as I start cranking. You can feel the blades turning fairly well. When slow rolling a spinnerbait, it makes a difference when you know whether the blades are turning. The blades also have great reflectivity. The skirt has a hypnotic smooth rhythm to it. The strands don't stick together, but one or two can flip up over the head and mess up your presentation. Because the skirt is essentially one piece, you don't lose strands or end up with uneven pieces. I felt that I didn't need to trim the skirt like I have with other spinnerbaits. In fact, I've done away with trimming skirts altogether because I don't feel it ever made a difference.

The finish on the head comes off easy and I've read that is a common problem with these lures. I don't think it will interfere with catching fish though. The titanium wire is holding up well. I'm waiting for a bowfin or chain pike to chomp down and take me for a ride to test the wire. One of the plastic beads on the wire was damaged somewhere along the way making it hang near the wire bend. I took a pair of pliers and cracked it the rest of the way and got rid of it. The blades are not getting scratched up or chipped yet. I tend to bang stuff around in cypress trees all day long.

What surprises me is how weedless these spinnerbaits are. Don't ask me why, but hydrilla doesn't hang up on the head or hook as bad as other spinnerbaits I've used. Working 1/2oz lures in shallow water can be troublesome, but I've worked my 1/2oz T1 through inches of water.

Some fish I've caught on the T1 spinnerbait
Cross Lake Report 10/21/2007
Cross Lake Report 10/26/2007 (3lb 8oz)
Cross Lake Report 12/9/2007

Or search my blog for "terminator t1" and browse other fishing reports yourself.

I'm sold on Terminator spinnerbaits. Only time will tell whether or not this will knock my Walmart Spinnerbait out of its number 1 spot as my favorite spinnerbait. I am very satisfied with the T1 and I'm more likely to purchase other Terminator spinnerbaits in the future.

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Paul said...

Any idea where Terminator lures are made? There website is pretty lame; no contact info at all.

BassFishingDem said...

Looked on the back of the packaging for my T1. It says assembled in Mexico. Also at the bottom, it says marketed by Outdoor Innovations based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The Terminator web site is listed (terminatorlures.com) as well as phone and fax numbers.

Anonymous said...

Pete- got older spinnerbaits on sale at Dick's for $3.99. The blades fell off 4 of them. They catch fish like crazy, until the arm with the blades falls off as well. I've got a collection of those. I'd like to contact them but all the info is old and gets nowhere. No way to contact them from their site either????

BassFishingDem said...

I had a similar problem with an original red series T1 after accidentally hitting something behind me mid-cast. I've never had any trouble with the blades falling off of my other Terminator spinnerbaits. Other than what I've mentioned above in my post, scratches became noticeable on the blades and the skirt took a beating over time. The titanium frame is robust and the blades stay attached. Replacement skirts are easy to find locally. No complaints here.

The company is marketed by Outdoor Innovations. Another option might be to contact them instead. The phone number on the back of the packaging is (918)-488-8585. I suspect that number directs you to Outdoor Innovations. I also found an 800 number -(800)944-4766 - on a wiki page (http://www.aboutus.org/TerminatorLures.com).

Are you saying both phone numbers are dead ends?

You could always write an old fashioned letter and mail it to their listed address in Tulsa. Stamps and envelopes are cheap.

Since you bought the spinnerbaits at Dick's, I suggest you take it up with them first. Quite often, sales clerks in the tackle department can be fairly reasonable about these kinds of issues, especially if a product falls apart after very little use. It all depends on luck and your ability to communicate effectively.

I agree that they should have contact information readily available on the web site. Definitely a major flaw in customer service that should be remedied. No self respecting business should be that elusive.

Anonymous said...

My experience with the Terminator was not as positive. Right out of the package it tracked wrong. The wire wasn't in my opinion any stronger or better than the cheaper spinbaits. I am glad I tried them but I will stick with Boolah or the house brands for now.