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Sunday, December 30, 2007

• Zoom Brush Hogs

Among all the products that the Zoom Bait company produces, only a few stand out as what I would consider industry standards. One such bait is the Brush Hog. This particular bait falls into the family of plastics called creature baits. What makes creature baits unique are their several appendages which give off plenty of action and vibration. Creature baits also take on many other bizarre forms, but the Brush Hog is tough to beat. Many other bait companies have copied the same basic design, offering up their own alterations, but Zoom's version is still the one I prefer.

Brush Hogs are salt impregnated and come in four models. The Baby Brush Hog comes in packs of 12 and is 5 1/2" long. The regular Brush Hog comes in packs of eight and measures six inches. The Tiny Brush Hog only measures three inches and you get 15 of them in one pack. A newer revision of the bait offers slightly different appendages and bulk, a Brush Hog aptly named the Super Hog. The Baby Brush Hog seems to be more popular among anglers than the other three. I know it’s my favorite.

You can throw the baby size when the bass are just being picky eaters, especially when the water cools down in the fall and winter. They can still be fished any time of year. The bait itself was likely originally designed to mimic a crawfish, so bottom fishing the bait is recommended. Swimming a Brush Hog has become a popular approach on the tournament trail and if you are a fan of jig fishing, a Brush Hog of any size can be used as a trailer.

How do you want to use a Brush Hog? Take your pick. They are popular choices when Carolina rigging. I like to use them on light weight shakey head jigs or T-rig them with a split shot a few inches above the head and drag the bottom with short pauses. You can even cut them short and just use the tail end as a jig trailer. I rig them with different sized hooks, but a 2/0 to 3/0 EWG worm hook is probably enough for the baby sized Brush Hog. I've been known to use 4/0 more often than not. I recently used a 1/8oz weighted Gammy Jobee Pro hook with a Brush Hog and caught a few bass. I can keep the lure on the bottom with the weighted Jobee hook and the added weight grants me some extra casting distance. My favorite color has to be black sapphire. I actually consider the Brush Hog the soft plastic equivalent of the jig. A Brush Hog will do well in places where you'd normally throw a jig. When used on a shakey head, the lure stands up nicely and the appendages wiggle with little effort.

The Brush Hog is a versatile bait and no matter how you decide to fish one, you will definitely get bit.

If you don't have any, get a few packs and try them out.

Zoom: http://zoombait.com/creature/hogs/

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Skytx said...

I too have caught more fish on the Baby brush hog rigged Texas style. I seem to get more bites by pinching the top of the front legs the loop loose from the body and dipping them in red dye and dying the two small legs on the botton chartruse. As far as color, I fish watermellon red 90 percent of the time in clear water and junebug in stained water. If I am fishing a drop shot I usually down size to the tiny and use the full size on my carolina rig. I am sure different lakes will call for different colors and sizes, depending on the size and color of what the bass are eating.

Anonymous said...

I just recently started fishing with the baby brush hogs, and I must say that I get more strikes using them than I have using anything else. If you have not tried them yet, do yourself a favor and go pick up a pack and go get you a fish on!

Anonymous said...

these baits are simply amazing. i was at a pond where nothing will catch fish except worms. i mean nothing but worms. its crazy. it was about 32 degrees b.c my rod guides were icing up. i put a baby brush hog on a shakey head and caught a ton. fished em on a texas rig too. u gota get these baits and give em a try

Shawn Cartwright said...

Brush Hogs are amazing baits. They often work when nothing else seems to. You can fish them a million different ways. Definitely one of the most versatile plastics on the market today in regards to targeting bass.

I fish a lot of clear water ponds in Central Florida, and have caught most of my largest bass on the watermelon red baby brush hog (Texas Rigged)...

Do yourself a huge favor and pick some up if you've not tried them yet. You won't regret it.