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Friday, January 25, 2008

• Double ZTOO Rig (Donkey Rig)

I have a feeling that after the Strike King Pro Team Journal show, many anglers will be searching for how to tie the Double ZTOO Rig Mark Menendez tied. Imagine fishing two flukes together as one rig. He calls it the Donkey Rig and unless you were paying attention to the show, you probably missed that name or forgot it. They did not provide detailed instructions on the show. Isn't that how a lot of the fishing shows are these days?

Whether you call it a Donkey rig, double fluke rig, or double ztoo rig, this post will help you set it up.

Go here to see instructions for this rig

Basically take your line through the eye of a swivel so it'll slide up and down your line. Tie a 5/0 EWG hook at the end of your line. Then tie about 18 inches of line onto your swivel with another hook tied to the end of it. Then slip your flukes on the hooks.

Also be sure to read the discussion on problems with this rig because the three way swivel rig isn't as good as the slip swivel.

Kind of reminds me of how some of us put a jig on the bottom of our drop shot rigs instead of a weight. Two for one deal.

I would work it just like working any other fluke. If you watched the show, you'll know that he was able to get a fish on both flukes in the same cast. If you hook one, work him around a little and see if another will come up and hit the second fluke. Any fluke will do. Don't limit yourself to the ZTOO. The Pro Team Journal show is one giant Strike King infomercial anyway.

One person on the BPS forums has raised an excellent question. Is this a legal rig in a tournament setting? I'm no tournament angler. What are your thoughts? I am getting a lot of hits on this post, so surely someone has something to say.

(EDIT 6-7-2008)
I get literally HUNDREDS of visitors to this post whenever the Outdoor Channel shows that Pro Team Journal episode. None of you have anything to say? None of you?

(EDIT 8-15-2008)
Doug Stange has a segment on In-Fisherman TV where he uses a double rig fishing for smallies. He ties the lines together using a Surgeon's Knot/Loop and uses a fluorocarbon leader. The top line has a shorter length (around 6 inches to 12 inches) and the bottom leader is somewhat longer (12 inches to 18 inches). He put the shad baits on jigs instead of Texas rigging them. He fished the shad baits by jerking the rod with twitches and also demonstrated a jigging technique. He is right about the versatility of this sort of rig. You could use it with so many different lures and presentations. A double rig is really is quite innovative. Take his advice and use a 7' rod or longer so you will be able to cast the rig a good distance.

FLW Outdoors coverage on Clarks Hill featuring lots of action on the double fluke rig.

Rattletrap Ramblings (blog): Double Trouble
Includes footage of Jeff Kiret explaining the double fluke rig.

Wired2Fish/Mark Menendez
How to fish the Donkey Rig


Anonymous said...

Could you possibly put a trick worm on the front hook and a fluke on the back and possibly trigger some fish?

Anonymous said...

I've fished this rig a few times this year. I haven't noticed an increase in my catch rates compared to fishing with a single hook and lure (no doubles). My preference is to use a straight tail worm instead of the fluke type bait. Also, the rig is perfectly legal in the tournament circuits I fish.

ndirob said...

The donkey rig works!!! I hod my doubts but after using the rig on a southern California lake, I was very pleased!! I caught 15-20 fishing in a 4 hour trip largest being in the 4-5 lbs range. I also landed 2 nice bass at the same time. One weighing 3 1/2 lbs and the other at 2 lbs. I never thought I would catch two at the same time. I was using the rig to attract more strikes but with one cast I landed two nice fish. I normally throw prop baits at these fish but after seeing the donkey rig on TV I though why not. The ZTOO works amazing. The smallest twitch of the rod sends these soft plastics skipping through the water just like real bait fish. I will stock my tackle box with these lures and the rig from now on..... Robert


I am a big fan of soft plastic jerk baits. I have tried them all and the Z Too is the best I have found so far.