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Saturday, February 16, 2008

• Color Choices

First of all, I don't completely buy into the belief that certain colors work better in certain conditions. I do have some exceptions. The black Jitterbug is a perfect example where my color preference is dictated by the conditions. The Rattle Trap would be another. However, when it comes to spinnerbaits, jigs, and soft plastics, confidence trumps color. I will step outside the box and simply wonder whether or not a bubble gum or cotton candy pink plastic draws a reaction strike. Then I'll step back inside my box and just fish.

When people start asking what color is good for any particular lake, I just look at them funny. If anything, my best advice would be to throw something completely different from the stuff we throw on any given lake. Give the bass something new to look at. Those discussions on lure color are far too pedantic for me. The red hook theory folks can go on and on about red, but unless bass learn to talk and tell us the truth, most of the guys with red hook success are nothing more than isolated incidents. Bass simply cannot process information like that as far as we can tell based on their neuroanatomy. Bass can detect the color red and discriminate between shades of color. At the end of the day, confidence is still king even if red seems to help.

I do respect the view that using bright or natural colors is a good idea in clear water and dark colors are a good idea in stained/muddy water, but I only consider loosely following that rule when using plastics or jigs. It's a good rule to live by as long as you don't go overboard. Most of my plastics are dark in color ranging from blues to blacks. I've never been one of those watermelon or pumpkin disciples. Natural works for you? Great. Confidence. I've caught bass on pumpkin finesse worms when the water was fairly stained. The sapphire blue lizards I throw are deadly and I've never seen a sapphire blue lizard crawling around Cross Lake. Confidence.

With spinnerbaits, I put more emphasis on the blades than I do the skirt. Reflectivity has more credibility in my book. I have a personal preference for spinnerbaits with tandem Colorado and Willow combinations, not double willow as the apparent majority might tell you. Gold blades have been working a lot for me lately, but in the past, all silver worked for me. Generally, most of us use silver blades in clear water and gold in stained. I say it's a toss up on most days. I rarely have a clear cut answer.

Other factors are more important than the color of your lure. You'll learn more about bass fishing if you quit obsessing about all these colors. If your confidence colors aren't working one day, you'll be glad your mind isn't cluttered with all the color nonsense and you can create a new plan of action. You don't need a huge selection of lures in every color under the sun to get the job done. The bait monkey might hate you for it, but you'll be a better angler as a result.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely, use black plastics in stained water. That is my one rule.