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Sunday, February 3, 2008

• Cross Lake Report 2/3/2008

Cross Lake. Shreveport, Louisiana

I hit the water again today and fished from around 2pm to a little after dark. I slowed things down and tried a crankbait, a swimblade, and a shaky head rigged jerkbait. I also did some searching with a 1/2oz spinnerbait when the wind picked up. I didn't have a single bite until I made my way back into some trees and found 52 degree water. All the other water I covered today was 49 to 50 degrees. Here I was in about two to three feet of water zig zagging through cypress trees around 5:30pm after going all day without any hits. I was working a swimblade and thought I had a firm bite, but never connected. Then I heard a few fish splashing around to my left. Crappie maybe? I switched to my Prolite and put on a Strike King Mini King spinnerbait. I couldn't get them to bite and I didn't want to dig out a small jig. I gave up on whatever they were and moved further back into the trees. I tossed the spinnerbait across to a small cypress all by itself and felt a strike. It looked like a 1lb slot bass, but my reel wasn't holding it well. I got it up to the boat and was surprised when I looked down into an open mouth of a 3lb 11oz bass. I'll take that considering the luck I've had over the last two days. I tossed the spinnerbait a while longer, but backlashed pretty good. Small diameter line is always harder for me to pick out and I couldn't get any of it to give, so I packed up and went home.
Looks like I got to work a little with my new BPS Crankin Stick throwing the swimblade, got to test the 8lb PLine CXX on an actual fish, and finally got to weigh a fish with my new XTools scale. Since the backlash needed to be cut out, I also got a chance to try out my new Plano spool box too. I'm pretty accurate and have lots of control with that BPS Crankin Stick. Keep in mind that's last year's model that was just on clearance. I think the newer ones have more graphite in them. Somewhere I read someone couldn't use a DT-6 crank with the rod, but I'm using a medium light 7' Crankin Stick and the DT-6 manages fine. The PLine CXX was doing good until that backlash. I even cast a few times into the wind with it and didn't backlash. I'm not sure if it was my drag or the line when I was fighting that bass, but I might have to mess around with my Prolite tomorrow. The XTools scale was easy enough to lip the fish with and get a weight faster than using the hook style Berkley scale I weighed fish with previously. That means the fish gets back in the water a lot quicker. The spool box worked great. It took me a second to feed the line through the hole, but once that was out of the way, actually respooling was a breeze.

Before I finish this up, I'd like to complain once again about the garbage at the Fleming boat launch. The people using that park are slobs. I find garbage there on the ground all the time. This time, however, a big mess of line was out in the grass where we park. It was clumped up together and then strewn across to a broken rod tip left on the ground. The line continued up into that small tree we all park next to in the grass. I gathered it all up, snapped a photo of it all in my hand, and tossed it in the blue garbage bin. Throw away your garbage if you use this ramp. Do your part and pick up any other litter you come across. I do. It's not that difficult. I have to walk by that blue garbage bin on the way to the dock anyway. Might as well get rid of garbage on the way.


JimiJohnB said...

Nice fish! Trying to make it out on the water tomorrow but looks like it may be pretty windy. Really need to try jigging (new to that) and get the pitch/flip technique down.

Looked up the scale you're using - looks very nice. Don't care too much for the hook on my cheapy Berkley scale too much, either, but not going to pony up the money for a new one. It works okay, and is accurate. I also release all my fish.

Sucks about the trash at Flemings....it's been pretty clean I've thought lately but occasionally I have to pick up garbage left by others. I find big nests of lines a lot out on the lake and try to pick these up when I can - will kill the birds, etc.

Saw your comment about being an AUC student - I'm assuming that's American University of the Caribbean? Never heard the acronym used but do know the school.