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Monday, February 4, 2008

• Cross Lake Report 2/4/2008

Cross Lake. Shreveport, Louisiana

The weather forecast for today put the temps up in the 70s. The forecast also called for wind. I got out on the water around 8:30am before the wind really picked up. I went back into the trees I fished last night and caught two bass right away on a pumpkin swimblade. The first weighed 2lb 5oz and the second was only 1lb 6oz. Both looked like they fit in the slot, but I didn't measure them. I think I need to buy a measuring board of some kind. That XTools scale really is a time saver.I fished way back into the trees for a while and after getting blown around and untangling my lure out of cypress limbs, I pushed my way back out to the edge of the tree line and then fished a wind blown bank. Nothing. The wind got the best of me and I gave up around noon. Water temps were in the low 50s. Warmest water I found was around 54 degrees and 52 was the coolest. Looks like the bass are getting shallow again. I heard somebody hootin and hollerin nearby. Not sure if he caught a nice one, but it sounded like he did. Got to let the rest of the lake know, right?

On my way back into the Fleming launch, I saw a spinnerbait stuck up in a tree. I put the trolling motor down and used one of my rods to try and snag the lure. I was actually able to get one of my line guides against the limb and I pulled it down towards me. I pulled the spinnerbait free of the limb. It feels like it weighs about 1/2oz. It's a Strike King spinnerbait with a trailer hook.


JimiJohnB said...

I'm embarrassed to admit it, but I am likely the responsible party for the hooting and hollering you heard today....my apologies. Got excited when I landed a new personal best, a 6lb 2oz beauty off of a favorite tree of mine. Dad, who had gotten skunked our last two outings, managed to land two very nice fish within 10 feet of each other on back to back casts. First went 4lb 12oz and the 2nd was 4lb 2 oz. We caught at least 35+ lbs of fish today with 6 or 7overs, all released promptly to be caught again in the future. Nice day on the water - I find the wind helps the bite tremendously on Cross.


BassFishingDem said...

6lb 2oz or 5lb 2oz? Can't stand UB, but I do check in on that site from time to time just to see how the tournaments go. Those trees get pretty popular and that little corner of the lake gets pretty crowded, especially when the pads come back in. Glad the hydrilla took a hit. Should make the prespawn and spawn very intresting.

JimiJohnB said...

A good fisherman always lies! Nope, just really need to proof-read. 5lb 2 oz was what it weighed. Still looking for that fish over 6lbs....few and far between on Cross I'm afraid but it's the closest water to my location that I'm somewhat familiar with and feel relatively safe on when fishing alone (don't always feel too comfortable on the mighty Red). Caddo is an awesome lake, but huge and getting choked up with the darned salvinia, especially the LA side...haven't had much luck there myself but it has some monster fish and is an ancient and mysterious feeling place. Just so big it's hard to know where to start. Have you seen the pics of the salvinia on Bistineau? Holy smokes I'm scared of that stuff...will ruin all our waterways if given the chance. I did fish Cross a decent bit (without much to show for it) this past summer and got a good look at how thick the hyacinth, hydrilla, and pads get in the summer. Definitely makes the lake significantly smaller for us fisherman.

Sorry you have such a dislike for UB - I pretty much only post in the LA section of the forum which seems to stay more or less free of political rants which you seem to particularly dislike. There are some good guys on there, especially the old-timers, who have been very generous with their tips and from whom I have learned a lot. I'm new to bass fishing and will see my first spawn in another month or so.....got to read up on how to fish the spawn etc. because I don't have a clue. I figure I have to fish every chance I get until graduation because once residency starts those trips to the lake are sadly going to become few and far between.

I hate NASCAR, too, but won't call myself liberal. Doesn't make much difference to me what a person's political slant is so long as they don't try to indoctrinate me to their opinions. But I relish a good argument. I just like to catch fish (and release them), which is what drew me to your site to begin with (actually I was looking for a decent map of the lake, and stumbled upon your blog in my google search).

What rotation are you on now? Are you going into neurology? This is my last week of a 2 week block of vacation.....wish the weather would cooperate the rest of the week for fishing but that's February for you.


BassFishingDem said...

Caddo is where I need to get my big bass. I've got a neighbor that might show me around that lake. It's all a maze of boat rows and stumps to me. Never even been on Bist.

I really enjoy radiology. Neuro? Ha! Never. I can't speak their language. March and April should be it for me if the applications are accepted.

As for UB, the only good guy I met was Scottie aka Hawgwild and yes, he's clued me in to some good spots and I've given him a few gems in return. Papa always seemed like an okay guy too.

There are other members just as fed up with the stuff as I was (they messaged me), but they don't want to stir up the usual suspects. They just keep quiet, so that means you'll never get two sides to any debate. Bassresource.com has a good policy in place to prevent all of that. UB is just too much like a mafia family in my opinion and they'll never institute a similar policy. I can't have a serious discussion with another member without five others suddenly showing up in attack mode. They created a situation where you're either with them or against them. Made it real easy for me to decide where I stand. When it comes down to it, their choices affect my career and the lives of my patients. One member actually told me UB is representative of America as a whole. Nothing is further from the truth. Leaving the site was the best decision in the end. I can find the same tips elsewhere.

Don't expect too many tips on Cross. The TNT's make everybody very tight lipped. You won't see lake reports for Cross in between tournaments once they start up.