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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

• No Longer Supporting BPS

I will no longer support Bass Pro Shops. My experiences at the BPS forums have made this decision rather easy. I consider the moderators of the BPS forums a direct extension of what Bass Pro Shops stands for. Moderators at their forums fail to actually regulate behaviors and attitudes that are both offensive and contrary to the rules and regulations of the site. When they allow certain members to openly attack liberally minded individuals without any form of reprimand, they say to the world that BPS both allows and approves of such behavior. BPS has also lost me as a customer as a result.

Does this, especially on page 2 where it becomes a politically motivated attack
represent this

If I worked for their public relations department, I would be a little concerned about how this might reflect poorly on the company.

Ask yourself if you'd support any business that allows these sorts of things to go on if the flaming was aimed at your own political beliefs. My guess is your answer would be a resounding "No." A person does not deserve to be singled out for political beliefs when the thread in question has nothing to do with politics.

(Apparently some clarification is necessary.)

The moderator's job is to keep things from getting out of hand. His inaction is the sole reason for my decision to no longer support BPS. I will not sit down and have a discussion with two people who want to turn a thread into their own political rant or personal vendetta. The thread was going just fine until those two stepped in. The advice and the discussion at hand had nothing to do with being liberal or conservative.

For someone to view my decision as an act of cowardice is misguided. I would have gladly continued to participate in the thread had the moderator done his job, but now the thread in question is locked. There is a good way and a bad way to have a discussion of differences. Moderators are there to maintain that balance, not to allow anger to creep in and disrupt the flow of dialogue. It was clear the moderator was fine with letting both trouble makers say anything they wanted. For what it's worth, those two have been causing trouble there for some time now without any admonition. They have a reputation for intentionally causing trouble. Then they retreat to another forum where they giggle about the mischief they've taken part in. Forums are not meant for pissing contests. When I said I would not support sites that provide refuge for this kind of political animosity, I meant it. The moderator made his choice very clear and now so have I.

Their mods do not get paid. They volunteer. If BPS (and these mods) want a forum that works, the current mods can pack their bags and BPS can start paying someone qualified to moderate the forum. Pick someone from the tech industry and not some angler. You've got to hire someone both qualified and familiar with how forums on the internet operate. For the record, the BPS mods hang out on another forum they openly advertise. The political animosity is expressed in plain sight without being questioned. It's no surprise that they don't have a problem targeting a someone this way. Bass Pro Shops should be ashamed of the company they keep.


Anonymous said...

Can you not respond to the comments on the forum? Why take away a man's right to speak his opinion on any subject just because it offends another man. I think you need to speak your mind and I will speak mine.