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Monday, March 3, 2008

• Everybody Has A Site

Everybody seems to have their own bass fishing site these days. Most are great sites too. When I first started blogging, I had it in my head that there were only a handful of other sites out there. After scratching the surface, I discovered many other bass fishing sites, some good, some bad. Check out my links further down the page to see a couple other fishing blogs. There are definitely some decent folks out there with great sites. Many have a wealth of information. Basspundit and Rich Lindgren both run very popular blogs. Unfortunately, there are also some bad apples. For instance, there is actually a forum (DWMB) made up of now self proclaimed foul mouth degnerates who spend their time discussing how they've disrupted another forum. There are forums where moderators cherry pick who stays and who goes. There are sites that allow political misinformation and tactless insults to run rampant. Where do you go?

To compete in this game, you've got to advertise a little. Go on any forum and you'll see shameless promotion going on in almost every thread. They put links or logos in the signature and so do I. While I generally have no problem with shameless promotion and the like, I do find it troubling that some forums contain post after post with 0 responses with someone trying to advertise their site. There are better ways to get visitors. The less intrusive methods always tend to go over well. There seems to be a lot of "hey, check out my site" going on. Oh yeah? New site? You're a dime a dozen. How do you stand out? Bass fishermen have become rather skilled at spotting gimmicks. However, in between all those scams are quality fishing sites.

After joining Myspace to promote my blog and interact with readers, I joined a couple fishing groups. New bulletins and posts always seem to be from some guy with a web site he's trying to advertise. Lots of them are really into pouring their own plastics and jigs to sell online. While I'm glad so many anglers are venturing into pouring, it's got to be tough to compete. Every online community seems to have "that guy" everyone recommends for great plastics or other products. Thing is, from site to site, it's always a different guy. Whenever someone posts a new site or a new lure, I'm always a little suspicious that their desire for personal monetary gain translates into a not-so-good product.

I do applaud every site for their efforts. Having your own site while at the same time being able to give back to the sport is a tremendous undertaking. I'm learning just how hard it is to get visitors and continue to publish quality information. I know it's difficult for people to remain active readers at so many places on a regular basis.

Running a fishing site is becoming a very popular thing to do. The internet is still fairly new turf for bass fishermen and not everyone in this sport is all that technologically inclined. This medium as an outlet is catching on so well that now even tournament anglers are blogging on tour. I'm glad I'm not alone out there on the world wide web.


Basspastor said...

I think calling my blog "popular" is being rather charitable. I don't really get a lot of traffic, I've just been around a while. I think Rich's Bassin Blog gets triple to quadruple or more the traffic that Bass Pundit receives on a daily basis.

I am surprized that more Bass Pro's, Semi-Pro's, and Aspiring Pro's don't blog. It is such a simple and inexpensive way to self promote themselves and their sponsors. Not to mention the fact that blogging is kind of fun and a great way to record fond and not so fond memories.

One thing I do know, the community of bassin bloggers is slowly getting bigger and I welcome it.

HellaBass said...

According to Google Anylytics...
My Bassin' Blog recieved nearly 5000 Visitors and 9000 Pagevies in the last 30 days