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Sunday, June 8, 2008

• Cross Lake Report 6-8-2008; First Jig Bass

Cross Lake. Shreveport, Louisiana

I finally got my first jig bite today. I've been struggling over the past year trying to get a jig bite and today was the day. I actually caught two on the jig. Here's how this morning went.

I had the boat in the water by 6:30. The water temps at the Fleming launch were around 81 degrees, but out in open water temps were between 83 and 84. I thought the lake would be calm this morning, but I was wrong. The wind was blowing when I got out onto the main lake and it only got stronger later on. The water still looks just as stained as the last time.

I started out fishing a small stretch of cypress trees on the west end out in the middle thinking maybe a few bass would have come up from deeper water in the night hours. I had a 1/2oz red/black Enticer jig with a 3 1/2 inch Lake Fork Pig Claw tied on one rig, a spinnerbait on another, a Tiki Stick, a weighted lizard, and a chatterbait just for kicks on the rest. I had one hit on the spinnerbait. Turned out to be a chunky nice gar with a broad nose, but it shook loose right next to the boat. They like to clamp their jaw down on lures and not let go. I did give a rattle trap a go for a while too, but didn't have any takers.

I moved southeast to the next stand of cypress trees near some deeper water. This time, all I did was pitch the jig at every tree I could. The wind picked up some more and that made pitching a jig very tedious. I know that hooksets are free, but after a few swings of the rod, my jig skirt started sliding down the jig hook. I dropped anchor, took some spare line, and tied a knot around the skirt below the band to hold it in place. That did the trick. So I kept moving across the lake going from tree to tree in these stands of cypress in about five feet of water. I couldn't take the wind anymore and headed to the southern side of the lake to get out of the wind.

The very first stand of trees I tossed the jig at gave me my first jig bass. It was just like I read in discussions on the jig bite. I felt a tick on the line and lifted my rod to check, but didn't feel anything there. Then my line went slack and I couldn't feel the jig at the other end. I set the hook and sure enough, a fish was on. Turned out to only be a 1lb 4oz 14 1/2" slot bass, but that counts in my book. I went on around the outside edge of the tree line pitching the jig at almost every one with a renewed sense of energy. I went around on the back side into some really shallow calm water that was for the most part, shaded from the sun. I pitched into a spot below a cypress tree that had weeds and what I call "cypress roots" sticking out of the tree just below the water's surface. I let the jig sit for a second and lifted the rod back. Something just felt heavy, yet another sign of a jig bite. I set the hook and there it was. It fought like a monster going from side to side. It went under the back edge of the boat and turned around headed out the front all while I fumbled with the reel in a panic trying to let out some line. It splashed some and I got fed up and lifted it out of the water with one good tug. Turned out to only be a 3lb 4oz 17 3/4" very fired up bass. After weighing, measuring, holding it up for a passerby, and taking pictures, I set it down in the water to recover, holding it by the lip until it was ready to go on its own. I guess I really ticked this one off because when it was ready, it took off in a furious swirl.

I went back along the edge of the cypress trees on the south edge of the lake pitching the jig a few more times along the way. I called it quits as planned around 10am and headed home. I never actually got around to fishing anything other than the jig, spinnerbait, rattle trap, and Tiki Stick. I did have bluegill tap my Tiki Stick a couple times. I probably could have stayed on the water a little longer, but the sun might have cooked me good if I did.

The Rig:
Pflueger Summit WLP baitcaster
MH 6'6" Graphite Series trigger rod
20# Gamma Copolymer
1/2oz black/red Enticer jig & Lake Fork 3 1/2" Pig Claw trailer

Technique: Pitching to the base of cypress trees

Conditions: Partly cloudy, air temps 76-80 degrees, water temps 83-84 degrees, 10-15mph winds out of the south
Fished from 6:30am to 10am


HellaBass said...

Congrats on the Jig Bass, with every bite, you will build confidence!!!

Basspastor said...

I problem with the toad hook was that the plastic keeper that sticks into the nose of the bait was not holding but ripping out when I cast. The solution to the problem is Super Glue. I did put some glue on but didn't wait long enough for it to cure and the keeper came right on out again.

Very frustrating when you are in prime time and the sun is getting lower every second.