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Friday, September 12, 2008

• Swimblade Trailer Choices

This is one market that has yet to really be tapped. I can't think of very many major plastics retailers that even offer an exclusive swimblade trailer, let alone spinnerbait or buzzbait trailers. For the most part, we have to be creative with what we have been given.

If you bought your swimblade from a relatively small scale company, chances are they also sell their own trailers. There is a good chance that you will be able to place an order for more trailers should you need any. Keep in mind that it may not be as easy of a task as you think. If they don't sell trailers, you may be out of luck unless they are open enough to tell you who makes their trailers.

While the conventional twin tail style spinnerbait trailers will do just fine on a swimblade, you want to keep in mind the trailer should work in cooperation with the side to side action the swimblade gives off. When picking out a trailer, one should consider charcteristics such as bulk, length, and action. Also ask yourself if you think the trailer would be better with appendages. Too much extra trailer might kill the desired action. Is there a magic combination of all of these traits that make for the perfect swimblade trailer? I would wager that the answer to that question is no.

So where does that leave us as consumers? It leaves us to think for ourselves and experiment with ideas. It is very likely that one idea will catch on and motivate a lure company to design a plastic trailer tuned towards use on a swimblade. Trial and error is the name of the game. There are enough soft plastic designs out there to experiment with. There are plenty of obvious choices. Many are already commonly used as trailers on spinnerbaits, jigs, and buzzbaits. Let me list a few soft plastic designs that will work specifically as swimblade trailers.

Any four to five inch narrow bodied plastic fluke works well as a swimblade trailer. Many already use flukes as trailers for other lures anyway.

Any curl tailed worm shorter than five inches serves as a fairly standard trailer. Some swimblades already come with trailers that use this basic design. I can recommend the Renegade Twirl Tail worms. The Vibrashock Swimblade comes with similar worms with ringed sides. Paddle tail worms, if rigged properly, will accentuate the side to side action the swimblade produces. I would thread a paddle tail worm on the hook so that the paddle lines up on the vertical axis. I do not think worms with very long wavy tails do anything to help the swimblade and cannot recommend them as trailers.

Any grub will do. They can be short and fat or a little longer with a wavy tail. Double tail grubs are very popular swimblade trailers. The Zoom Fat Albert grub and the Creepy crawler both come to mind.

Creature baits
Anything with appendages needs to be on the already diverse list. Lizards can be a little too long, so if you use a lizard as a swimblade trailer, cut it short by taking off the front half. Fat Ika's and brush hogs give off some interesting action too, but those kinds of plastics may require slight modifications. Beaver type baits can be rigged on a swimblade to add a lot of action and bulk. Using a beaver type soft plastic on a swimblade is actually a secret that not many anglers are willing to share. The Yamamoto Kreature is very similar to a grub and has plenty of appendages. There are so many other creature baits out there, so let me know which ones work for you.

Standard Spinnerbait Trailers
A plain spinnerbait trailer has a short slim body profile with two long tails. Alluring Baits makes some decent trailers in this style.

Frogs make for good trailers and since Chatterbait now has the Chatterfrog, the idea isn't much of a stretch of the imagination. Try placing the hook at different spots along the body of the frog to make the legs stick out further. A Yum Buzz Frog may give off better action than other frogs and toads out there.

Swimbaits are much larger and although people are using them as trailers, I'm not sold on using them with swimblades. The bulk is much more significant than a soft plastic fluke. I'm not sure how much action is sacrificed when using something that big. I believe the trick is in the tail.

I haven't tried threading a tube onto a swimblade, but I would think that if you can use a Fat Ika, you can use a tube.

Which trailers work best for you?

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Fish Whisperer said...

Great post but might I ask, do you have a camera? I have not fished for bass in about 13-14 years so I have a hard time visualising. Just a thought.

BassFishingDem said...

There you go. I don't have them rigged with the specific trailers, but what I do have photos of should help bring it all together for you.