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Thursday, February 5, 2009

• P-Line Evolution Impressions

P-Line Evolution is a copolymer line blended with three types of nylon with an abrasion resistant additive designed to provide "supreme sensitivity and castability." At least that's what it says on the box, right?

Line tested
20# test smoke silver
Diameter: 0.39mm (0.0156 inch)

If you follow my blog, up to this point in time, you will know that most of my reels are spooled up with either Gamma Copolymer or P-Line Halo. My decision to try P-Line Evolution came after having such a pleasant experience with P-Line Halo. Evo is often a little cheaper in some stores, but it also sports a slightly smaller line diameter compared to Gamma. I thought I would give it a try.

Before you read the rest of this post, please be aware that I tested this line in February when the air and water temperatures are much cooler. Many lines perform differently under these conditions. Warmer weather is a little more forgiving.

I had problems right from the start. The line was stiff and lacked the supple quality I was accustomed to with Gamma Copolymer of the same strength. Evolution reminded me of 20# Yo-Zuri Hybrid in that regard. Unlike Yo-Zuri Hybrid, the Evo could not be tamed with spritzes of line conditioner. Evo continued to have memory issues and backlashed far too often. In order to maintain some level of control, I had to tighten up the brakes on my baitcaster and ended up sacrificing casting distance without really ever eliminating the backlash problem. I only threw rattle traps and spinnerbaits on this line, but the it should have been manageable.

So the castability claim was out the window. What about sensitivity and abrasion resistance?

I did not notice a huge difference in sensitivity, but in all honesty, I was not paying close attention to that. Abrasion resistance was the only claim that survived the challenge. Cypress trees can do a number on my line and when they do, they leave scratch marks anywhere the line comes into contact with the bark or a limb. I did not notice any surface abrasions on Evo after repeated encounters with cypress limbs. Three fish had the opportunity to put Evo to the test. Only one was a bass. The other two were decent size chain pickerel. The line held up against all three and the toothy critters did not leave any signs of damage. Knots were cooperative and also seemed resemble those I tied with 20# Yo-Zuri Hybrid. There was no disputing Evo's tough side.

Now, although I could not tame Evo with line conditioner, I feel I must mention this additional point. It has been my experience that 20# line of any brand behaves much differently than line of the same brand in a smaller diameter and test. If 12# Evo were available in the store here, I might have been able to post a different experience. I suspect 12# Evo would be more forgiving. Maybe 20# is more suited for pitching and flipping techniques. If I ever come across a cheap spool of 12# P-Line Evolution, I might give it a chance. Until then, I am disappointed and remain unconvinced that Evo stands up to all of the claims on the box. That being said, do not consider this post to be an official review.

Edit 6-18-2009
I'm trying to get rid of what I have left of the spool. The line has been performing well in terms of castability now that the warmer weather is here to stay. Unfortunately, I've had a few break offs and some backlashes. Casting distance has improved to the point where it is comparable to the other lines I use, if not better. Casting 110-120 feet has definitely been easier. Warmer weather certainly made a difference. Tying knots has not been ideal, but it is a larger diameter line. Yo Zuri Hybrid behaved the same way in 20# test.

So this was my attempt at giving Evo a second chance. While the casting experience improved, other problems reared their ugly heads. I lost a few fish on topwater hooksets, but the break offs did not occur at the knot. They occurred well above the knot. If it were a lighter test, maybe I'd find those mishaps acceptable, but not in a 20lb rated line. In addition, local stores have stopped carrying it with any regularity, so I'm back to square one, unless I can find another good copolymer. That means I'll be buying Gamma Copolymer online a few spools at a time. Vicious brand copolymer is probably the next line I'll test.

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Anonymous said...

Maby it's the problem of gear you use. I used this line with front drag reel and it worked great - had no problems.