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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

• Cross Report 4-28-2009

Cross Lake. Shreveport, Louisiana.

Caught six tonight. Lost one. Played around with a couple of gar too. Here's how it all went down.

With the rain from last night and this morning, I hadn't really been all that tempted to fish today. The water was fairly clear thanks to all the rain. In the past, my post-rain confidence lure has been a 3/8oz pumpkin colored swimblade. On top of that, because the sunfish have been coming in to spawn, pumpkin seemed like a good color to go with anyway.

Armed with my confidence bait and Pflueger Patriarch, I went to fish off the pier for a bit. Picked up one almost right away off a tree to the left of the pier. It was somewhat of a mushy bite and I only set the hook because I thought it felt different. It was under the slot, but still a feisty fish. Then I played around with a gar cruising near the pier. Gave me a good chuckle. I casted just beyond where it was floating and brought my lure over the top causing the gar to go into a splashing frenzy. Did that a few times and called it quits.

Grabbed some extra gear and headed out in the little boat.

Fished cypress trees and pads. Caught a chain pickerel next. While I was getting it unhooked, the darn thing flopped and got my index finger with a few teeth. Nothing worth getting concerned over. Only three little scratches. Tossed it back. Cast into some pads moments later and hooked up with something firm that came off seconds later. Then I made a 50 foot cast to a nearby tree with wide limb overhangs on either side. I actually made a few casts at that tree until something finally decided to bite. Ended up being a slot bass. Unlike the last few outings, I kept this one from jumping. I positioned my rod low and to the right keeping pressure on the fish as I cranked it towards the boat. Of course, it decided to go under the boat, so I swung my rod tip around and yanked it out of the water on the other side without much fuss. A 7:1 reel made a big difference. The pike, being a slender fish, was able to glide through the water without any resistance making it difficult to reel fast enough to keep up. That slot bass tried to outswim my cranking too.

Didn't catch anything else in the direction I drifted, so I backtracked and went to another spot in some trees out in the middle of the cove. Kept chunking the swimblade at trees and pads until something felt funny at the other end again. I set the hook and realized I had a good one on. I lost my balance and stumbled a little, but the fish stayed on. It jumped twice and went under the boat. When it came out on the other side, I didn't hesitate and lifted it in. This one weighed 4lb 3oz. Nice pig. Measured a hair over 20 inches long. I almost forgot to snap a photograph of the over. After removing the hook, I held 'er up and looked it over. Then I placed it in the water to let it recover from the stress of the catch. I didn't have a firm grip on it at all. I let the fish just hang there. Then it hit me. I hadn't snapped a picture! Woops. Lifted it out, snapped the picture, and put it back. The thing is, this bass just didn't want to leave. It finally swam away slowly, but for the longest time, I had this 4lb bass loosely hanging from my fingertips.

After that, a few light raindrops fell, but it did not completely kill the bite. Caught two more unders off of trees and then called it quits when the rain picked up. Noticed a few more gar cruising around on my way in. Had one chase my lure off some pads at one point, but couldn't get it to hook up. All in all, it was a fun evening. Fished from about 5:45pm to 7:30pm.

I think I need to retie my knot now. Didn't have a way to check water temps. Had overcast skies, fairly clear water, and did not venture out beyond three to four feet deep. All fish were caught shallow in a very small area.

(Thanks to "Jared" for spotting a typo.)


Clif said...

We call those Chatterbaits, probably because that's the brand that spends the most money on packaging. Is swimblade the correct name or are we dealing with regional differences?

Swimblade makes more sense... it looks like a swimjig with a blade.

BassFishingDem said...

The way I see it, a Chatterbait is just a brand name for the swimblade made by Rad Lures. Across the industry, it seems like similar products are called swimblades, although the term still gets used for specific products. Because so many are familiar with the Chatterbait, people I talk to in stores only know these lures as chatterbaits. I really don't know if there is an industry standard in naming these kinds of baits. The lure I used in this fishing report is actually called a swimblade made by a completely different company. Have a look at my Swimblade Commentary post to learn more.

Clif said...

I knew we called them chatterbait because that's the big brand, but I never heard anyone call them by a more generic term until I read your blog.

Until recently I'd only bought the chatterbait brand, but last time I went my store was only selling chatterfrogs (or whatever they're called) The thing was expensive and painted like it. So I bought a different brand and it's been working great, I have no idea what brand it is.

I've also got a couple of the really small, bluegill-sized chatterbaits. Had good luck with prespawn crappies in the shallows on it with a rubber minnow trailer.

That Swimblade Commentary is good stuff. I noticed you were talking too about the different trailer options. I've never had luck with the trailer they sell with the lure, now I always hook an Uncle Josh pork frog in a similar color to the skirt. It seems to work pretty well but last time I had some trouble keeping my hooks set because I bent the barb to help get the pork on.