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Saturday, June 19, 2010

• Off the pier 6-19-2010

I'm on a nigh schedule lately, so I was around at 6am. What I will say is that there are seldom any anglers to talk fishing with during the late night hours. Fished for a couple of hours. Hooked into three, but only landed two of them. Also avoided some close calls with some gar. Pattern was still the same. The Scumfrog was still working, but it took some extra effort and dedication on my part to find the fish.

First thing I noticed after pitching a few times was just how warm the water was. Felt lukewarm as it dripped off the frog. Next thing I noticed was how thick the hydrilla was getting. To give you some background, when the LDWF released the grass carp into Cross Lake a while back, local anglers went nuts claiming no vegetation would be left. I knew better seeing as how grass carp in a much smaller lake I lived at in Iowa never even made a dent in the stuff. Well, last year, it was pretty sparse, but that's because of the chemicals they sprayed. The stuff is topping out this year. Won't be long until a thick mat covers my usual fishing spots.

First fish hit after I noticed a splash behind a tree. I quickly walked down the pier, made my cast, and bobbed the frog real slow. That was the trick today, by the way. I had to work much slower to get a bite. Two jumps later, the bass threw the hook. Looked about 1lb or so.

Next fish hit an hour later. Found this one in the duckweed. Lobbed it up onto the pier with a hunk of hydrilla rolled around its head. Once I cleared all of that gunk away, I noticed its back seemed a little off kilter. I know bass sometimes have more of a humped back, but this one just didn't look quite right. I don't know. You tell me.

Last fish hit really shallow. Wasn't a very big bass, but I saw it coming ahead of time. When I started moving the bait, I saw a V-line headed right for it. All I had to do was stand there and wait. It was a fighter, but I got it in okay. After that, things died down, although I played around with one gar for at least a few casts. The first time it missed was a bit startling, but once I figured out where it was swimming, it was just fun to tease over and over again.

I've been throwing a dark colored frog and got to thinking that I might try the white one next time around. It just seemed like the bite was difficult to draw out. Maybe I'll get out on Caddo one of these days. My fishing partner came back into town recently, but his foot has to heal up after a minor injury. Can't have him hobbling around in the boat, so whenever he literally gets back on his feet Caddo should be on the to do list.

End of the month is fast approaching and the Louisiana licenses go out. Thought I'd just put that reminder out there. I'm going to renew a couple days ahead of time to avoid any kind of a rush. It will also serve as a warning for at least one sporting goods department clerk that a crowd will descend upon them in the near future.