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Friday, August 27, 2010

• Caddo Report 8-27-2010

Fished Caddo today. Only came up with three bites. All bit on a Big Bite Baits Biobait Trick Stick. Partner had one take a swing at a 5 inch swimbait, but that was it for him. Fished parts of Jeems. Water temps early were around 82 to 83 degrees, but later in the day, things warmed up to 89. Fished as much shade as I could find in water from a foot deep down to eight. Tried cranking a bit too. We also both gave a spinnerbait a try a couple times. Tough day, but the sunburn speaks for itself, despite applying sunblock repeatedly.

Let me just start out by saying I was low on gas and a bit hesitant about how far out I wanted to go. The level read somewhere between 1/4 and 1/2 a tank, but it kept shifting around, so I assumed I had at least 1/4 tank and opted not to press my luck. Paddling back to the launch in 90 degree weather is not my idea of a good time, you know? Launched from Earl G. Williamson and headed up into Boat Row B. I hate that row. It's poorly marked in a few spots and unless you're very familiar with it, I suggest taking it slow. Someone needs to fix up the markers a bit more. I spent the last half of my morning run fearing that I'd damage the lower unit.

Didn't make the first cast until around 8:30. If you follow me on Twitter, you'll know why. Stopped somewhere north of marker B-80 and fished the west tree line. In terms of what was around, bass were obviously chasing baitfish, but the hydrilla in the area was dying off, turning an ugly brown color. The pads in that part of the lake are sparse and on the small side. Tried topwater for a while, but the vegetation just was not all that appealing to me. Then I alternated between a Trick Stick and a 1/4oz Walmart Spinnerbait with a grub trailer. Didn't get my first bite until after 10, but it was an aggressive strike. The bass tapped and I missed it, but the fish chased me down and hammered the worm almost right in front of me. Not a big one, but aggressive was a good sign in my eyes.

Kept drifting south. By 11, the wind had picked up and made maneuvering a bit cumbersome. Went shallow to try and avoid the wind. Next fish was a little bigger and hit in a shaded spot in shallower water. Same deal. A tad aggressive, but I had to make repeat casts to finally get it to get a hookset. Shortly after that, my partner had something small blow up at his swimbait five feet from the boat in shallow water, but never connected.

Third fish was also very aggressive, but bit out in a more open spot among some sparse lily pads. Worm hadn't been in the water more than a couple of seconds before I noticed my line was moving. Set the hook and the little guy took me for a ride.

Drifted south some more and ended up getting near some active oil wells that were pumping away. Both myself and my fishing partner noticed that the vegetation in that area was almost nonexistent. We reconciled to keep the trolling motor down until we started seeing more. Never could find a bite.

I switched off to a Bandit 100 series and a Red Eye Shad to comb the area for any fish that might be swimming around near the somewhat deeper boat row. Hung up on a stump, but I pulled loose eventually. Gave up on that spot, put the big motor down, and went to a more familiar area, a spot along a bunch of telephone poles further south. It's where I've had fish hit before and I knew there would be some green hydrilla to work with.

Moments after I got the trolling motor going, I saw what probably amounted to the biggest gar I've seen here in the water. Had to have been at least 36 inches long, but I'm sure it was a little over 40. It was hovering around the surface 50 feet outside of the old telephone pole standing near the boat row. Didn't sit there for long and made a big swirl, diving back down into the deep.

It took me a while and I was somewhat disappointed with the spot, but sure enough, I found some healthy vegetation. The hydrilla was actually green! Cranked with a DT-6 and a Bandit 200 series for a while. Pulled up hydrilla a few times, but never got a hit. Saw something flash on me in about seven feet of water and make a U-turn. Could have been a white bass or even a drum. I did happen to see a dead drum floating along the boat row on my way in.

Quit around 2:30. Could not take the heat any longer. The tops of my feet were starting to sting from the heat penetrating through the protection of my shoes and I could feel my forearms starting to burn. Headed on in, keeping tabs on the fuel gauge the whole way back.

I have a few other things to mention. It looks as though they've dug out the back side of the dock at the Earl G. Williamson ramp. Maybe they plan on making a second ramp there in the near future. The actual ramp itself is fine, but the sand and silt have settled in a funny way, so if you launch and load up there, keep in mind the bottom just beyond the ramp is uneven and your trailer will not sit right, making it a bit more difficult to line up your boat. Further out beyond the ramp and between the booms, it seemed to be really shallow. The motor stirred up all kinds of silt in there, so I hope we get some rain soon. I think it's about a foot and a half to two feet shy of normal. To give you some perspective, a marker on one boat row was damaged and not visible for the longest time. The water has dropped enough to see the corner marker without any trouble at all.


fishing said...

Amazing bass buddy, thanks for the report your blog is amazing