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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

• Cross Lake Report 11-24-2010

Nice weather was in the forecast today, or so I thought. I managed to empty out all the water from the small boat I fish out of on a fairly regular basis. Then I wiped it down and loaded up. Got on the water around 8am or so, but it took me about 10 minutes to get out to where I wanted to fish.

The coots were out, but so were the duck hunters. I could hear them blasting away from quite a good distance. I was armed with two setups, my Summit rigged up with a finesse jig and my Finesse combo with a Big Bite Baits Biobait Trick Stick. I opted to throw the Trick Stick first and once I got out to deeper water, I would try the jig. Unfortunately, I did not realize just how low the lake was, so the jig never actually saw any action. Surface temps were 67 degrees at one point. Skies were overcast, but the sun peeked through occasionally.

Not long after I got to my first spot, a few fish spooked behind me. Judging by the fins, I'd say they were carp. Next cast drew a nibble, but no solid bite. Two casts later, I had something slap at the worm. Looked like a crappie. I didn't want to waste my time swinging for crappie, so I headed a little further out. That's when the wind picked up. I like fishing on overcast days. I just don't like the wind that usually comes with the cloud cover.

I chose to do a little scouting since the water was low. I took some photos of a few select spots I already knew about. One laydown in particular was easily visible, but because I had forgotten which set of trees it was between, I decided to snap some photos at different angles. Now I can have a look at the branches in my leisure time and dedicate it all to memory.

After taking some photos, I realized the wind was not going to die down, so I went ahead and fished a protected area behind some cypress trees. Didn't get any bites there. Didn't scare up any fish. I tried casting into some dead pad stems. Looked like an angler in a bass boat had the same idea. Nothing. I probably should have tried a small spinnerbait in that stuff, but I didn't feel like retying.

The wind got much worse around 10am, so I stayed as shallow as I could get and worked cypress trees until I came up on a boathouse. Fished that for a little while, but the wind almost pushed me right into the posts, so I ditched that in favor of the next pier over. After making two casts, I had a nibble. Hookset came up with nothing. The wind forced me away, so I kept readjusting. Finally hooked up with my first fish underneath the dock, but it was a dink.

Then the wind got even worse. I started seeing whitecaps. I had no control over where my boat was going at one point and I scrambled to miss a couple of cypress trees. I remained diligent and kept fishing that same pier with the intent of casting underneath the boathouse at the end. But the wind was just too much, so I gave up and let it push me back towards where I came from.

I fished the open water for a while, casting to individual trees as the wind pushed me along. I almost fell out of the boat three times. At that point in my outing, I was far from happy. Frustrated doesn't even come close. Four seagulls entertained me briefly, but they were having just as much trouble as I was. At least they had a system that worked.

The wind ended up pushing me to a familiar spot, a location I used to consistently fish four or five years ago. I spooked some more fish in shallow water, but I couldn't find where they went. I worked my way into some shallow water along a channel and made a cast. Right as I was about to lift the worm up out of the water, something came up and slammed it. That bass went 3lbs even.

Next cast drew out another fish, this time weighing 2lbs 4oz.

Next fish wasn't quite as nice, but it wasn't exactly a dink. Didn't bother weighing it.

Then I caught three more dinks.

On my way in, I just let the wind push me around. I had one more dink take chase, but it missed the worm completely as it surfaced out of a small stand of lily pads. One less I have to take a hook out of.

Next fish I saw was big. Wasn't a bass. It was a carp. It swam right up next to the boat, so I snapped a photo. The second I did that, it took off, leaving a gigantic swirl behind. I've seen much bigger, but this one was about two feet long.

So even though I think I was up against 30mph gusts and the whitecaps made for a rough ride, I ended up finding fish and salvaging what I thought would be a profanity laden one dink trip.


Ryan said...

I'm sure the wind sucked, but the outing ended up being pretty good. I couldn't buy a bass in the late fall so I think you did pretty good.

The Average Joe Fisherman

spincast reels said...

Man, that's tough trying to fish in that kind of wind. You did better at dealing with the aggravation than I would have. I commend you for not giving up and battling that wind. I probably would have gone back in after trying a few spots. It seems as though that extra effort paid off for you though. What kind of worms were you using when you caught those? How deep were you?

BassFishingDem said...

Thanks for the comments. Yes, it was indeed a rough day, especially from a man powered boat. At least I have an anchor on board. I used it a couple times. Accurate casting was difficult, but I got the hang of it.

I love fishing this time of year. When they are on, they are on everywhere. I was as shallow as I could get this time around, but the wind did not give me much of a choice in the matter. The channel where I caught most of the fish was only a couple of feet deep, if that. Dirt was washing off a nearby bank, clouding up some of that area, so they had plenty of ambush points to work with. I probably couldn't have been able to get the 18 footer in there, at least not comfortably.

I was using a Big Bite Baits Biobait Trick Stick (see link in post) in Green Pumpkin/Pearl color. I really hope Academy decides to restock their shelves with Biobait products. I was miffed the last time I went only to discover one pack of trick worms in the clearance section. I really hate having to buy lures online.