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Thursday, December 30, 2010

• A look back at 2010

The past year did not turn out the way I had planned, but with what little time I did have to go fishing, I enjoyed myself. That’s what counts, right? I cleared the 400th blog post mark in October, and although I did not get out on the water as often as I would have liked, I tried to improve in other areas, namely reviews. Let’s take a look back at some of my fishing reports, but in addition to that, and unlike last year’s look back, I will also mention a few things I meant to take care of that never actually materialized.

At the end of 2009, I discussed most of the lures that produced nice fish for me. In 2010, I would have to say my experiences mirror 2009 in many ways. Unfortunately, the duckweed did not fill in the same as it did in previous years, so my plans to get some heavy use out of the Trophy Series Scumfrog fell short. With that said, I did catch some nice fish on the Scumfrog, but I’ll get to that in a moment.

My first bass of 2010 came on January 14th. It wasn’t a very big fish, but neither was my first bass of ‘09. It only weighed 1lb 13oz and it bit on a 5/16oz finesse jig. I remember thinking I could go out and repeat what I did in ‘09 with that same jig, but the bass on Cross Lake did not cooperate. I still like the Eakins Jig, but it just didn’t produce this year. Looking back at that report, I’m happy I have added a second Pflueger Summit to my arsenal.

I did well this year with soft plastic stickbaits and I made the transition from fishing Wave Worm Tiki Sticks and Big Bite Bait Trick Sticks to the Big Bite Bait Biobait versions of the same name. Academy no longer carries those Biobaits on their store shelves, so I'm SOL, unless I buy more online. Earlier in the year, I was aching to burn through the pack of Zoom Finesse Worms that had been sitting idle in my tackle box for far too long. After catching some bass in shallow water off of some cypress trees back in January, I hooked something big that left the drag on my finesse reel slipping as it tried to fight against what ended up being a channel catfish that weighed 3lb 15oz. Try landing something like that with a medium light rod. My EWG hook was mangled after that fight.

One of the more memorable moments in 2010 was when I kept losing baits to bowfin. I lost some finesse jigs in a matter of minutes, all on the same lousy fish. I didn’t know it was a bowfin until after it swam away, but after every hookset, the only thing I got back was my line. I also ended up losing a Rapala F11 Original Floater to a bowfin. Some time later, I was offered a chance at revenge with an aptly named Revenge jig. Swimming the jig off the pier, I nabbed one of those pesky bowfin and put an end to their streak of lure thievery.

By June, the duckweed was about where I wanted it to be, so I started tossing the Scumfrog. Some went to the scales. Others, I let go and guestimated their weight. I’m sure many were 2-3lbs. Unfortunately, one day in late June came with both sweet and somber experiences throwing that lure. The first fish that I landed weighed 2lbs 7oz, but the 4lb 8oz fish that I landed a little later did not survive. It looked poorly to begin with, so it might not have survived much longer on its own anyway. I never like to lose a fish. I put up another fish in the 2lb range later that month, but in July, I found a 4lb 7oz with that Scumfrog and raised my personal bar of success again. Towards the end of July, I caught a 4lb 1oz bass. You see, in years past, I felt that the 4lb mark was sort of a rite of passage for both anglers and bass. It seemed like all the fish had trouble clearing that 4lb mark. In 2010, I was able to squeeze out a few of those fish.

In November, I had a hell of a time fishing on a windy day, so I let that wind take me where it wanted to and switched off to a Biobait Trick Stick. I ended up catching a few decent bass in a very small area in a matter of minutes. Best bass that day went 3lbs even.

I think the one bait that deserves the most attention, even though I did not catch a lot of fish on it this year, is the Strike King Red Eye Shad. A day out on Caddo was uneventful until I put one on and fished some dead pad stems. I put a 2lb fish in the boat towards the end of that February day. I returned to Caddo in March and fished a completely different (and new) area, landing three bass, the best weighing in at 3lb 6oz, all willingly taking a swipe at the RES. On December 2nd, I fished dead pad stems again, this time on Cross Lake. After catching four relatively nice small fish, I landed a 5lb 5oz pig that made my day.

With only 25 fishing reports in 2010, I’d say I did well. With less time to spend on the water, I was unable to get in the reviews I had planned for the year. I wanted to go out on Caddo to the 20-30 feet deep holes at the backs of the main bayou over on the Texas side to test my Norman DD22’s with the Curado E5. In the summer, I wanted to test out the Big Bite Baits soft plastic frogs. Best I could do with that frog was agitate a gar enough to bite one clean off. There were some Strike King shaky heads I purchased a while back too that have barely seen any action at all. I have two new reels to break in and in purchasing them, I finally retired two inexpensive $40 reels.

Looks like I will have a lot to cover in 2011.


Coloradocasters said...

Darn good stuff! Looks like 2011 wasn’t too shabby. My resolution for 2011 is to get my fishing blogilicious on your blogroll. Best fishing wishes to you in 2011.

BassFishingDem said...

Thanks. You mean 2010 wasn't too shabby. Hoping 2011 will be fun, but time to fish has been getting few and far between. I'll add you to my Outdoors Blogroll list. I thought I already had. I really enjoy those Colorado landscapes.

Jon @ JustFishingTips.com said...

Just came across your "a look back at 2010" post and it looks like the perfect setup for a chance to submit to the New Year's resolution fishing giveaway I'm running right now: http://www.justfishingtips.com/2011/years-resolution-fishing-giveaway/. Shoot me an email if you want in!

BassFishingDem said...

Thanks for visiting. I checked out the contest. Not big on fishing tubes. Good idea though. I think my main revelation after looking back at 2010 is that I simply need to try to get more time on the water. With my schedule, it's almost impossible.