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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

• One chunk schooling

When my schedule prevents me from getting on the water and nature throws crummy weather my way, any sunny opportunity that comes along must be seized. I had 30 minutes to mess around, so I made the decision to use that time to fish off the pier. Luckily, the angle that the sun was shining hit the water just beyond the pier. I figured the water might just be warm enough to trigger some activity out there.

With a new Pflueger Summit in hand and a jig attached to the other end using my new favorite knot, the Pitzen knot, I set my sights on the spots around the pier I knew to check first. Dead hyacinths were floating all around me and water levels were still very low. Most of my usual targets were not the least bit suitable for fishing. The water was stained and a chilly breeze was blowing from my right. I had no choice but to start casting from the end of the pier. This left me exposed to the evening chill, a front that will be bringing us freezing temperatures and icy precipitation tomorrow.

After making a couple of easy practice casts to warm up, I cast to the left, slow rolled the jig back towards me, and felt a tug at about the half-way point. After a brief pause, I set the hook. The fight for my first bass of 2011 was on.

When I worked it out of the shadows, away from a sparse collection of dead hyacinths and into a sunlit patch of cleaner water, I saw two other smaller bass in pursuit. One slapped at my jig while it was in the other's mouth. The straggler was swimming along as if it had no idea what was happening to its pal up ahead. I lobbed my catch up onto the pier and the other two scattered.

This one was a short chunk, but notice the darker pattern. Perhaps they've been holding out in deep water up until now. If I get a chance to go out again, I should probably work some secondary points and spots much deeper than the measly two feet of water I caught this bass in today. If they happen to still be schooling like this, I might have some serious fun. I have one spot in mind already.

On a day when the evening sunset lasts only a matter of minutes, I have to know when to call it quits. Water temperatures were most certainly only in the 40's or 50's. Once that sunlight faded away, both air and water temperatures were hardly what I'd call cooperative. The chill became more noticeable. Once I couldn't feel the fingertips of my left hand, that was it for me.

What worked:
Slow rolling a 3/8oz Chartreuse Shad Revenge Flip Jig with a chartreuse pepper Zoom Fat Albert grub trailer in about two feet of water.


Learn about Kayak Fishing said...

Don't you just like the current weather conditions? The daily changing up and downs of the temperature? At least you made it out on a pier and you could catch something. I haven't been fishing anymore since a few days before Christmas. But 'm not blaming only the weather for that since we had a few really nice and warm days down here in Houston. It was just a lack of time.

Anyway, wanted to tell you, you got a nice blog up and running and I'm glad I came across it. Although I'm not much in bass fishing, I'm always interested in reading about it as well and I'll be back.
Tight Lines

BassFishingDem said...

I really am trying to see it that way. Part of me wanted to catch the other two, but I should be happy I was able to wet a line for at least a short while.

These ups and downs will continue on into April, so I've got to hope for the best. After that, the heat during the day can get absolutely brutal. I've got a general plan in my head this year that takes weather like this into account.

Thanks for stopping in and commenting. I'll have to get over to yours. I'm not much into kayak fishing. Too close to the water for reliable casts. I like fishing standing up. You should see how I fish out of the pedal boat I use. With small watercraft, we can go where the big boats can't.