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Saturday, May 7, 2011

• Cross Report 5/7/2011

The last time I went fishing was last month, so when a Saturday with free time presented itself this morning, I went ahead and loaded the small boat. I expected to hit some boat traffic since it was the week end, but I was hoping that women out there might have kept men busy seeing as how Mother's Day is tomorrow. Deciding to fish today ended up being wrong on so many levels.

Started out shallow working a frog. Things were blowing up around me, but the splashes didn't look right. I assumed they were gar and kept moving. Once I entered a thick stand of cypress trees, I saw a lateral line go by the boat to my right. Must have been at least 2lbs, but that sighting told me one thing. Bass were on the move. They were not lurking. They may not be bothered so much by the presence of a boat, but they may not be in a biting mood.

After I anchored in about four or five feet of water, I tied on everything I thought I would fish with and proceeded into search mode. I figured if bass were moving, they might not be huddled up against cypress trees. They might be out in the wide expanses of the lake without a care in the world.

Then I started to see boats...lots and lots of boats.

I found out later on by way of a brief chat with another angler that there was a tournament today with possibly 100 or more boats. Ah, pressured water. On top of that, at around 9:15, the wind picked up to the point where I had no choice but to move. My small man-powered boat was not made to handle 20mph winds. Not fun.

In that stretch of four to five feet water, I only hooked one fish, a tiny channel cat. It bit on a DT-6. Didn't catch anything for the rest of the trip, although I did have bream nipping at a worm I was throwing. That tap tap tap gave me a rush, but after a swing and a miss was repeated three-fold, I knew what was tapping away. Wasn't a bass. I ended up watching two bream fishermen yank two small bream off that spot.

So cranking didn't work. Spinnerbaits didn't work. A senko fished slowly didn't work. A 10 inch Power Worm didn't work. A Texas rigged paddle tail Zoom Speed Worm didn't work either, but it sure did put out lots of vibration.

What I did learn, however, was that one of my favorite spots has a healthy spread of hydrilla underneath it. Not brown. Green. My next goal is to find the edge of that line. Even after cranking my arms to death, I still couldn't find the edge.

After that, I think my concentration was off. I hung up in tree limbs and ripped a hook point along my index finger while trying to pull free. The cypress trees are getting their green seeds on right now and the combination of a very green limb and those nuts made for a lure-snagging bad time. Throw in some wind and that was about all I could stand. Came back in around 1pm.

I never bothered checking water temperatures. I think we had a high of 89°F today. Shallow water was clear and old bream beds were easily visible. Water beyond the 3 foot range was medium-stained. Winds were fairly steady. This has been the windiest spring I've experienced since moving to the area.

But because you all like photos so much, I snapped a couple of shots for your enjoyment.

Looks like a beaver is doing some work.

With Barksdale AFB so close, we get bombers flying over Cross Lake all the time. Talk about loud.


dack41 said...

Had a day like that yesterday on a 40 acre farm pond. Usually hit senkos, frogs and lizards,,,,went to a wacky worm rig and saved the day. Have never used a wacky rig on this pond,,,they seemed to like it. Nothing real big, but some days size does not matter. Great blog,,look forward to your postings,,Thanks

BassFishingDem said...

Yeah, a wacky rig can definitely save the day. In those winds, I don't think I could have fished it effectively. As an afterthought, I probably should have tried a drop shot with a wacky rigged senko on it.