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Sunday, June 12, 2011

• Cross Lake Report 6/12/2011

Went fishing this morning. Hadn't been out in the 18 footer in a while. I believe my last outing was on Caddo and because of all the wind, I avoided fishing out of that boat at all costs ever since.

I got off to a late start because my fishing partner was slow getting around. Didn't motor out to the end of Fourtney Bayou until 7am. Water temps were 85 degrees starting out from there with a heavy stain. Some guys were already fishing the pads adjacent to the no-wake entrance.

After I got the boat on plane, we jetted on over to a point in between the Twin Bridges off of North Lakeshore. My plan was to fish the small pocket at the end of that peninsula, working frogs in lily pads until around 8:30 or 9. Then I planned on swinging out onto the main lake to fish the western edge of that same point. My entire plan hinged on vegetation. Hit pads, then hydrilla in deeper water.

Once in the pocket, the only fish we could stir up splashed like gar. The only fish I even came close to hooking looked like a decent sized redear. I think it hit the legs of my Scumfrog and didn't let go, so when I pulled, it went airborne. The water wasn't as high as it has been in the past, so the usual bank hot spots were not there. In the past, I could fish cattails and stick ups along the edges, but I couldn't do that this morning. I was limited to fishing lily pads.

I put the big motor down to get out to the main lake spot. The water out there was only three feet deep, so yeah, we need rain that we probably won't see until fall rolls around. Water temps by that point in the morning hovered around 86 degrees. I made fan casts with my new KVD 1.5, a Strike King Bottom Dweller, and a Red Eye Shad. I found sparse hydrilla casting toward the main lake and thicker clusters behind me in the shallower water.

First fish came on the main lake side of the boat, a small channel cat, which bit on the KVD 1.5.

Second fish came in between the few cypress trees out there, another channel cat. After the hookset, I knew I had something worth battling, my rod tip going into spastic twitches as I pulled against the fish. After a little bit of cranking, the fish surfaced and all I could see was a silver body. My first thought leaned toward this fish being a white bass or a drum. Then I saw the full body and knew instantly that it was a big catfish.

I made the customary Get the net call and attempted to wrestle the fish to the boat. That's when I noticed I had foul hooked it. The rear treble was embedded in its tail. That's right. The only place I had this fish hooked was in the tail (see photo). At that point, I figured I would lose the fish at the boat because that's how these stories go, but after that final mad thrash inches from the net, my partner scooped it right up and plopped it down in the boat.

The next few minutes were spent removing the treble hooks from the net, then the fish. I ended up breaking off two of the hooks on the rear treble as I pulled with the pliers. I weighed the cat while it was still in the net and had my partner lower the fish back into the water afterwards, allowing it to roll out at its own pace.

Weighed a shade over 4lbs, but the head was wider than most 3-4lb cats I've had the pleasure of meeting.

It took me a while to get the split ring open on that 1.5, so I'm in the market for a decent set of split ring pliers. The split rings on that crankbait are a little more robust than your standard ring. I did replace the rear treble with a size 4 Eagle Claw treble hook, but I'm fairly certain Strike King uses Mustad. I suppose hauling in a foul hooked 4lb channel cat speaks to the strength of those hooks, but replacing one wasn't exactly fun. When I review the crankbait, I'm going to refer to this post.

Couldn't find anything after that. Put the hammer down at 10:30. Water temps crept up to 88 by then and the heat from the sun overhead was starting to scorch the both of us.

No bass. Sorry. Cross Lake is definitely a great catfish lake, though.


Sevylor Fish Hunter said...

I go cat fishing at night where I am. It's great on a full moon, you hardly need a flashlight. It's a little difficult to get to the bank to hang lines, but I manage. A good night's fishing, a lazy day and a fish fry at sunset!

Louisiana Deep Sea Fishing said...

Thanks for the great post!