I‘m a liberal leaning outdoorsman attempting to open the minds of right wingers to the idea that libs fish too. Anglers come from all walks of life, left, right, and center. Not everyone who fishes for bass is a redneck fond of Nascar, country music, and religiosity. Expect posts about largemouth bass fishing, techniques, reviews of lures and other products, but not any condemnable conservative rants. I hope to inspire the online angler community to dial down rhetoric which will do more harm than good to our sport.

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Friday, June 22, 2012

Off the Pier: Two Topwater Runts

Let's face it. I haven't posted anything in a while, review or report. I've been busy. I haven't been able to fish as often as I would've liked, so a few mornings ago, I had a chance to wet a line. I fished until about 10am. I mainly stuck to using a topwater frog, but I did swim a jig for a while. Weeds limited my presentation options off the pier, sadly.

The lure I used was a Big Bite Baits 3.5" Floatin' Toad in black/yellow. The floating part of this bait was what made all the difference. Both bass I caught that morning hit on the long pause where the frog just sat there on the surface.

The first hit along a weed line after a good pause. I didn't weigh it.

The second didn't hit until an hour or so later. Same deal. Hit on the pause. Didn't weigh that one either.

Then I hung up at the base of a cypress tree, so after I took the small boat out to retrieve my lure, I called it quits.

Hopefully better fish come back here, but with the summer heat setting in, I'm not sure what to expect. The hydrilla is only beginning to form and the duckweed hasn't filled in like in years past.


Angler Gang said...

Not a bad little bass there man! Fish On!

Jenny said...

Really cool atleast you have a little bass thought. Your blog is really interesting! BTW have you tried to post blogs about Pawleys Island fishing? Hope you can also discuss about this topic. Thanks

Sean-Scott said...

Just thought I'd mention I caught your blog through a huge list of some of the best fishing blogs. The headline that you are a liberal fisherman trying to dispell the myth of all fisherman being conservative.

You are absolutely right! I am more moderate than liberal or conservative but I think one important point that the right-wing fisherman are forgetting are environmental problems and impacts that the angling community faces.

By this I am talking about conservation, regulation and our use of equipment. Not to mention we do have a responsibility to protect the waters we use. If we don't who else will care?

Captain Knolls said...

Hey! I just came across your blog through a search for recommended fishing blogs; I see you haven't posted in a while... do you plan on starting back up this season? Feel free to directly contact me via email. Would love to chat! Your overview of your blog/you is great. Hope to hear from you! Kelly

playoutdoorsblog said...

I'm glad I managed to re-stumble upon your blog. I'm also a liberal outdoorsperson. I'd been keeping it under wraps as off-topic, but there was a particularly jarring comment this morning. I've been reconsidering that secrecy in the face of losing audience. Those are nice bass by the way. This northern girl wishes it would warm up, and that the floods would lessen so I could fish.

New Pro Products said...

Some nice fish here.

Ragland Coxe said...

I like your blog man, in case you haven't heard all the crazy tricks that I know, check out my bassin' blog and leave some feedback!

dub paetz said...

Nice blog you got here. I don't fish for bass much these days, usually brown trout but I am going to give bass a go here soon. Take care

charles hamilton said...

awesome! I have learned to pause for awhile after topwater lure hits the water. The hits usually have come after a few minutes of waiting

GLX Fisherman said...

Miss seeing your posts. Hoping everything is ok.

kayak anchor said...

Nice little fishing blog you have here, will you be updating this any time in the near future? I enjoyed reading your posts and about your fish catches, gives us all something do to over the winter when our lakes are frozen over.

Keep it up!

Jigheads said...

Nice bass keep them coming!

Matt said...

I wish you kept updating the site, missed reading your write-ups! I love bass fishing and especially top water fishing. There really is no better way to get your heart going than seeing a large eruption engulf your bait and when the water settles your bait is nowhere to be found - it never gets old.

Walter K said...

Hey, are you updating your blog anytime soon?

Matt said...

Great fishing blog!

Charles, I have also experience this when letting a top water bait pause after it hits the water. Ironically though, I've also had instances where erratically working the bait for a second as soon as it hits the water has worked as well. I think it depends largely on the type of bait and how the fish are setup on that given day.

Keep up the blog though!